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Agents of SHIELD – Comparative Opinions Episode 47

Welcome to the Comparative Opinions podcast! Hosts David and Holly spend this week talking about Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, especially season 4 which just finished up (spoilers), but also season 1-3 which they have been binge watching as well! The show is improved by knowing where it was going, and with some binge watching, and our conclusion was that season 4 was absolutely the best so far – so if this show dropped out of your life at some point, it might be worth it to pick it back up and watch it through season 4!

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Music is by Scott Gratton: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Scott_Gratton/Intros_and_Outros

Reaction: Agents of SHIELD Premiere

Last week we got the premiere of Agents of SHIELD and got a glimpse at the direction the show is going in this next season. There was some trepidation considering how slowly the first season took to ramp up, but it seems that they have gotten over their initial slow pace and have found their story. There were quite a few elements that the premiere introduced us to. We got to see what happened with the various team members since we last saw them and what they will be working on. We also got an interesting glimpse at the villain for the season that seems like it might be somewhat tied to the Agent Carter show. There seems to be definite potential for this next season, starting a lot stronger than the first season. (Spoilers for Agents of SHIELD after the jump!)

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Update: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

So Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has been on for a while now and a couple of sites that I read do recaps / reviews for every episode. I thought I would just give an update about where the show is and my responses to some of the comments and reviews that I have read. Some of the stuff in the reviews I agree with and others I do not quite understand. So first I will do a general look at how I think the show is going.

Honestly, there are things I love, but overall I am kind of meh about the show. I enjoy bits and pieces of it, but overall it has not really pulled me in. The most recent episode did more to increase the intrigue in the show than any of the previous episodes, which was nice, but I will have to see where they go with it. I have to say I am a little disappointed about how it has been going so far, but I still like it enough that I will keep watching. Some of the reviews I have read have made some interesting claims and I am a little surprised that they keep watching. Although maybe like me they were so looking forward to it they just cannot let it go because it is still superheroes, sort of. Continue reading