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LitFlix 2015

So another year another season of LitFlix. Even though these do not necessarily get the most views I still really enjoy doing them so we are going to continue in the tradition. Now this year there will be a few changes to the LitFlix with the change in our family dynamic coming soon. For one thing it is just not feasible to see all the movies in the theatre. This means that we are going to move more of the LitFlix to be based on rental times instead of the theatre release (although here I will still list theatre release as that is the dates that we have). The other thing is that just because there is a movie based on a book does not mean I am going to do a LitFlix on it (Fifty Shades of Grey). So without further ado here are the movies based on books that I will be diving in to, three of which are continuations in a series. I have heard about other movies that are supposed to be released, but until there is an official date I am holding off on adding them. Are there any other movie / book adaptations that you think I should take a look at? Continue reading

Maze Runner, Litflix

Recently David and I got to rent the Maze Runner so I could finally discuss the differences between the book and movie. There were quite a few differences, but at the same time I think they did a good job of keeping the heart of the story the same. The movie itself I thought did a decent job of telling a compelling story in a two hour time frame. It is impossible to fit everything in and there are a lot of various changes that need to be made to fit in those time constraints. The book has so much more time that it can spend exploring a variety of topics and character development. The movie on the other hand has to decide what the most important elements are and tweak things to empower those points. (Spoilers for Maze Runner after the jump) Continue reading

When Does the End Justify the Means?

We often sit in awe of the miracles of modern medicine. We have managed over the last few centuries to dramatically decrease the mortality rate and increase peoples’ lifespans. The question we often don’t ask is what did it take to get to this point? When do the ends (medicinal cures or vaccines) justify the means?


I recently started thinking about these questions while reading the series Maze Runner (SPOILER ALERT). I also watch a show called Dark Matters on the Science Channel that often highlights the tension between morality and scientific discovery. Instead of simply talking about the ethics of scientific discovery, I will use two stories, one fiction (Maze Runner) and one non-fiction (Dark Matters), to explore the boundaries between ethics and advancements in science. Continue reading