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Thoughts on Seconds

Seconds CoverSo, yesterday I started and finished reading Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley. First off I highly recommend it if you have not read it because it is so good. I love Katie as a character and think that they use a very creative premise to essentially show what it means to grow up.

The basic idea is basically that Katie discovers a way to have a do-over on moments in her life. She keeps getting second chances on what happened, but as she moves further back through her life things begin to get a little strange. One of the big ideas presented in this is trying to make your life perfect, but what does that really mean or even look like? Also, if you could create a perfect life would you even recognize who you are in that new world if the moments that define who you are had not happened? (Spoilers for Seconds after the jump.)

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On Being an Adult

I set the standard last year; it’s my birthday, and so I’ll write about whatever I want to! Last year, it was about Stephen King’s On Being Nineteen, the intro to The Dark Tower. I guess birthdays get me thinking about age and responsibility (just me or everyone?), because this year I wanted to talk about what it means to be an adult.

We throw the term around a lot. It’s an important part of our lives, our understanding of things. We crave categories, and “adult” is a huge one. But what does it mean? Age? Maturity? Responsibility? I’ll look at all of these things.

You know, my old thought used to be that becoming an adult was that moment when you started questioning your past, your beliefs. Maybe it is. That moment when you have to decide, do I really believe this? Still believe this? Will I believe it into the future? Again and again, about many things. We don’t have good rights of passage anymore, so maybe that’s it. But once you’re “there,” once you’re an adult, what does it mean? Continue reading