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Best of 2013

With the onset of the new year and the end of the old David and I decided that we were going to spend some time reflecting on 2013. There were some great things that happened in 2013. We saw some great movies, read some great books, and played some amazing games. David and I decided we wanted to share some of our best of 2013. Now these are all things that we experienced for the first time in 2013, this does not necessarily mean that they came out in 2013, but that is because with books and comics we are not always the best about keeping up with current trends. David will be sharing his opinion tomorrow, but here is my best of 2013. Continue reading


Marvel Owns My Time

I’ve been trying to keep it down to one Marvel-based post a week. I swear.

However, lately it seems like Marvel just keeps on giving. Or I keep finding something great. Avengers work by Jonathan Hickman. Hawkeye by Matt Fraction. New trailers, like the extended one for Captain America: The Winter Soldier before Thor: The Dark World. Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

The more of this that comes out, the more I remember that I used to be a big Marvel fan, and am being made one again. Disney’s plan of bringing in new fans by purchasing Marvel (and then Lucas Films…) seems to be a really good idea. Because they’ve snagged me again, anyway. Well played, Marvel. Continue reading

Marvel’s Infinity – Where Do They Go From Here?

From Infinity #6

From Infinity #6

The other day I gave my review of the Marvel crossover event that just finished up this week: Infinity. They always try to have big implications from the crossover events, but Infinity is a little different. Because it was a natural point in the joint Avengers plots of writer Jonathan Hickman. So there are some larger implications, some impact on the larger Marvel Universe.

But as someone who was, and will continue, reading Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers, there are other implications. Unanswered questions, continuing plot line. Places that things are leading to. So, I will look at where things are going in Avengers, New Avengers, and then the larger Marvel Universe. Spoilers to come, comics fans!

Continue reading

Hawkeye: Comic Series

IMG_0013So being new in comics I was unaware of the types of awards that are given out for comics. I just knew as a thing that people read and had not quite paid much attention to the authors or artists. As I am slowly delving further into the world of comic books, because it is a world, I am finding that author and artist can make a different. If you find an author you like sticking with that author will probably lead toward a good option. The different writing and art styles have been so fascinating to see and just the different way people have chosen to tell their stories.

Back to the awards portion of our show, I recently found out that one of the comics that I recently read and am loving Hawkeye got nominated for seven Harvey Awards and even won Best Cover Artist. So I looked around some more and found the Eisner Awards and Hawkeye actually for Best Artist and Best Cover Artist. I know it is not my work, but it makes me really happy because I really enjoy it and it is nice to see that amongst other creators that it is considered good as well. So here are some of the things I have really enjoyed about it. Continue reading