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The Writing’s on the Wall

Today, I wanted to share just about the best music video we know of. Maybe you’ve seen it. Probably you’ve heard of the band – Ok Go – or at least seen their first hit music video, Here It Goes Again. That was cool. This is an amazing one-take teamwork ridiculousness.

Bonus video after the jump!

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YouTube Discovery: Monumental

We recently discovered Mashable on YouTube due to a former SourceFed host, Elliot Morgan, now being one of the hosts. One of the new segments that has been set up that is hosted by Elliot Morgan is called Monumental. He sits down with a couple of other YouTube stars and they vote on what are the top four of a certain subject area. Now they start with a list of eight and then bring it down to the top four of those eight. The idea being that they are the Mount Rushmore of that topic area. So far they have covered YouTube videos, Disney Villains, ’90s sitcoms, and John Hughes movies. It is a fun little look at a way to make a top choices list and the YouTube stars that have been on the show have been a lot of fun in the discussions. The other part is also when there are points that we the audience might disagree with the assessment. It is just a fun little show I thought I would share with you all. You can find more on the Mashable YouTube channel. Continue reading