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Marvel 1602


So one of the early comics that David had me read was Marvel 1602. It is written by Neil Gaiman, which that alone makes it brilliant, but he takes our beloved Marvel characters and puts them in the world of 1602. Somehow all of the Marvel characters have somehow ended up in the time of Queen Elizabeth and King James. Some of them have high positions in the court even.

The interesting thing about seeing the Marvel characters in 1602 is seeing what they would be in this alternate universe. Part of what is great about reading is wondering who you will meet where. Some of the characters from X-men become particularly interesting because it is during a time that they did not have science. What would they think of people who had mutant powers? There is also a larger problem happening that no one can explain, but they know something is wrong. (Spoilers ahead for Marvel 1602) Continue reading

What Comics Should I Read

So I did not grow up reading comics like David did. I have only recently gotten in to reading comics, partly due to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I did like some manga, but the problem is that it goes on for so long and can take up an entire room with comics or manga. The amazing thing that has happened is the ability to get my comics on my iPad (or other tablet devices), which means I am not taking up precious space and since there is not a comic book store in my town I can actually access comics.

So the thing that really got me started was season 8 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I have been trying to keep up with season 9, but I just get so busy and then get behind and then I have to catch up. At the same time I have really enjoyed reading the comic version of Buffy and have read all of the Firefly continuations. Part of the other problem that I have is wondering where do I start. Continue reading