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Meme Monday – Magic!

I may have been talked into trying out the mobile game Magic the Gathering: Puzzle Quest, which is a combination of mana gem matching and a bit of a game of Magic. It’s fast paced and maybe it’ll help fill the void as all my Ascension and Lord of Waterdeep games have dried up…

But it also reminded me that, when it comes to memes, there’s an entire subset of memes out there: fan-made Magic cards. From concepts, to fandoms, to politics, to whatever else – the stuff of other memes, just expressed as a Magic card. When done well, it requires getting clever about the abilities, the color, the cost, the flavor text. Many of them just leave me scratching my head at some of the elements, though to be fair some of that is the fact that I don’t know a number of the newer rules. Like… what’s a Planeswalker?

I thought I would share a few just for a bit of flavor…

I seemed to find political Magic cards for all persuasions. I do have to say that the every turn there’s more useless tokens about the emails is a nice touch… But yeah, not sure I get all of that one, really. The first card is simple and elegant.

Well played.

That sounds about right.

But my favorite I came across for this post:

I like the visual of the first ability, in particular, as you just pick up and head to another game, already in progress. Which is, indeed, the start to most Doctor Who episodes…

How about you – any favorite Magic Card memes? Has this made you run off to Google to find more? Share any good finds with us!


Gaming when you’re not Gaming

I love my games. I love the social time of playing a game, for sure. And the challenge while playing, for sure. But there’s more than that for me.

I love my game systems.

I love my deck building, my RPG builds, my character creation, my army building. For many games, maybe for most that have this sort of external component, I spend as much or more time on these aspects than I do actually playing the game.

My early experience was probably just in playing party-based video game RPGs. Figuring out which party would be best, creating the characters, playing a bit… then deciding there was something missing, and heading back to the drawing board.

It carried on into Magic: the Gathering. We would play at lunch at school, and whenever we could sneak a game. So we played most days… and most nights, I was home, changing my deck, or building from scratch. I would rebuild to try to meet my friends’ challenges, or to try out some new card I got, to try some interesting-seeming combo, or just to try to take them by surprise. You change it that often, and you change it for all the reasons you might…

I moved on from Magic to Warhammer, where I was constantly building new armies, new lists. Sometimes, that drove my purchases… sometimes, my purchases led to my army building. Oh, so many of those armies never got played – unlike Magic, I wasn’t getting anything close to daily games. It’s hard, then, to decide what to actually bring to bear when you do finally get a game in…

From there I moved on to MMOs, to Final Fantasy XI and then even moreso to World of Warcraft. In FFXI, you could switch around jobs on your one character, but you also always needed to be working with your party… so I didn’t need to strategize too much, but did some between gaming sessions with friends. In WoW, I did a lot of playing with friends, but also plenty on my own. You played different jobs by playing different characters, so lots of characters… and even more characters that I dreamed up, built skill trees for, and planned out all the way to maximum level. A moving target, as they released patches and expansions and changed the game…

So why am I saying all of this?

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Interview: Platypus Con 2016!

Platypus Gaming logo by Pat Race

The new Platypus Gaming logo (by Pat Race: http://alaskarobotics.com/)

While we haven’t been able to do as much this year with Platypus Con as we did last year (just going to throw the Geek Baby under the bus here and blame her…), we’re still excited for the convention – and it’s this coming weekend! The busy event organizer took a few minutes and answered some questions about the Con, now in its second year.

You can find more about Platypus Con on their site, Platypus Gaming, and you can buy tickets here.

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Catching Up on Life with the Comparative Geeks

We’ve been busy lately! I’m pleased that we’ve still been writing good posts throughout, but I feel like my mental momentum has stalled out tonight. So if I can’t come up with something else to write I can at least tell you why!

Our state has a rebate program for home energy improvements – so we’ve been having a whole bunch of work done on our house. Most of the work to be done by the experts is done! Which unfortunately leaves the stuff that I’m probably going to have to do myself. Our hope is to have this house work done before the baby comes!

Speaking of, we’re also trying to carve out a baby’s room in our house. We had an office and a guest bedroom, both of which saw plenty of use. Well, the guest bedroom is gone and in its place is now the office… and the office is becoming the baby’s room. Bit by bit.

We’ve recently tackled the largely untouched boxes from our past – things from our childhood, school, college. Collectibles, memorabilia, war gaming, Magic cards, photographs. Geeky things. Books. And OMG the electronics. Cables for miles. So many outdated technologies that seemed like they were worth saving only a few years ago.

So even now I sit with boxes around me, needing some sorting and decisions before they find a new home… well… somewhere around here.

Anybody want some Magic cards?

A Story from our Travels

Today I thought I would share a story from our travels. We were on a plane, just a short flight, not a lot of time. We’d pulled out an iPad, like we do, and had started playing Elder Sign. We unlocked all of the locked heroes! Lots of good Elder Sign nail-biters.

There was a young man in the row with us, and he turned to me and asked if I played Magic. I told him I hadn’t in years, and that was that. Well, we went back to our game, and he pulled out his deck of Magic cards, looking through and considering his deck.

And that’s the actual end to the story. We didn’t say anything else to each other, we landed, and we went off to be tourists, and he went off with his family. But it’s also not the end. I kept trying to think of what else I could say to him.

Do I tell him it all gets better, that here I am, married, gaming? That it doesn’t have to end someday? That was the sort of thought that came to me first. Felt pretty heavy-handed, felt a lot like my stuff about what it means to be an adult that I’ve been blogging here.

But then I was thinking deeper. Wanted to say something more generally, about board games versus trading card games. For the latter you have to be in on the hobby too; for the former, if you have it, you can invite others to play. It’s great to find someone, though, who shares your hobby too, your fandom. So this didn’t seem like useful advice either.

Then I realized I could just have gone with the obvious – could have just told him what the game was. Maybe what the game maker was, as Fantasy Flight makes all sorts of great, complicated games that someone who plays Magic could enjoy. This would have been easiest, and probably the sort of thing he might actually have wanted to know, but by the time I thought of it it was too late.

What might you have said or done? Or if you were the boy, what would you have wanted to hear? Let me know what you think down in the comments below!