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Logical Fallacy Ref

Barely making it in time… other things to do today! For Meme Monday, I thought I would share one of the best sets of memes I know of but don’t regularly use… the Logical Fallacy Referees!


Honestly, I should probably just get all of these on my phone for constant use… Anyway, 32 great memes for you in one embedded imgur link! Enjoy!

Spock — A Character Study

Spock promo picIf anyone is a geek icon, it’s Spock. Portrayed with understated skill by Leonard Nimoy, Spock is practically synonymous with Star Trek, and even people who’ve never seen an episode of Star Trek know his name. They know pointy ears and a weird hand symbol and “illogical.”

For fans, Spock is even more than that — he was the cool geek when it wasn’t cool to be a geek, you know? As the Enterprise‘s science officer, he helped represent Star Trek‘s ideal of an optimistic future created with science and cooperation. As the ship’s resident (half-)alien, he also embodied that future’s growing pains. He dealt with racism and bigotry from both sides, not to mention widespread misunderstandings of himself and his culture. He was an outsider who was one of us. He also has a singularly interesting character arc!

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