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Catching Up – Video Games We’ve Been Playing Since We Got Our PS3

I feel like we’ve played a lot of video games lately – I think we moved into a video-game phase when we bought a new (for us) console, the PS3. And I don’t feel like we’ve written much about the games we’ve played lately, because we’ve almost moved too quickly through them. We’ve mentioned them in passing, as we’ve started them. Or as we finished.

And maybe that’s okay, as many of these games have been out a while. Maybe the point where talking about them is interesting has passed. However, I’m sure there are many games you, faithful reader, are also considering and haven’t played yet. So maybe we’ll spark a thought for you.

Lightning Returns CoverLightning Returns arrived today (finally!) and I have a feeling it is going to consume our time, and pull us away from other games. Which is too bad, but it also means I kind of want to get these games out of my system before we move completely on! So here’s a lightning round (pun intended?) of the games we’ve been playing lately, my quick thoughts and recommendations on them. Onward!

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Console Exclusives

So now that we have a PS3 I have gotten to play a lot of the PS3 exclusive games. In particular I have recently been playing Ni No Kuni and I love it. Which makes sense because I love Final Fantasy games and as Ni No Kuni is a jrpg also it makes sense that I would see similarities. It also explains why I am loving playing this game. It does not hurt that the art is done by Studio Ghibli, which just makes it gorgeous. Playing this game has gotten me thinking about the difference between exclusives available to the different consoles.

Particularly I have been wondering if we missed out on games by getting the Xbox 360 first. Many of the games we played on the Xbox 360 we could have played on the PS3. So what is the difference between getting the Xbox 360 and getting a PS3 earlier on? Also, how might this effect what we choose for the next generation of consoles? Continue reading

First Impression: We Have a PS3 Now

Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception

So, I know that the system has been out for a really long time now, but David and I just got a PS3 on the cheap (and my brain is hurting from a cold). It has been fun playing around with it and with being able to start to play games that I have not been able to until now. There are some things that I am enjoying about the console, but there are a few things that make me happy we bought the Xbox 360 first. Now the ability to play certain games on the Xbox 360 was a big factor in our purchase because the Mass Effect series is amazing, as well as disappointing all at once. David is also a big fan of the Halo series. Now that we have a PS3 it is reminding of my love of some of the PS3 exclusives.

One of the things that I have really enjoyed about the PS3 is that there were just some innovative upgrades that they made, while the Xbox 360 just seems like a standard upgrade. Here are some things I have enjoyed. Continue reading