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Favorite Movie Trailer Songs

Music is such a big part of what makes a trailer worth watching and can really help make a movie look better than it actually might end up being. There have been a few songs that no matter what trailer they are in the song itself just makes it look better. Then there are those songs that you have never heard before and it just instantly catches your attention. It does not happen too often, but sometimes you might discover a new band that you have not listened to before.

This list is specifically looking at songs done by known artists and not music that is a variation on a musical theme of the movie. Every one knows that when you listen to the Star Wars theme that you are going to get excited, but having a song that just immediately hits you can be so satisfying.

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Favorite Horror Movies

Now first thing is, I have to admit that Horror is not my favorite, but that is mostly because it is often gory and that is not my favorite thing. At the same time I enjoy movies with high suspense where the fear and horror comes more from what you don’t see or where there is something more to what is going on than just simple gore. There can be moments that are scary, creepy, and even horrific, but those are not the main way that you get scared.

Now I have enjoyed an occasional gore fest, but those are not the movies that have stuck with me or that I want to watch again. When a movie can scare you again even after you have seen it then you have something that works. So here are some of my favorite horror movies. Continue reading

Westworld Interim Thoughts – Discussion Points

While I compile my next Reminder Recap, I wanted to throw a couple of extra thoughts at all of you, dear readers, to tide us all over until the weekend. (Here’s to hoping there aren’t any definitive answers to any of these in the upcoming episode before which I’m writing this!)

  1. Do you think anyone we’ve been told is human is a host? We’ve seen the evolution of various hosts’ memories and personalities over the past few episodes, including certain hosts remembering each other across not only different days in the park, but in previous versions of the park itself. What if, say, Elsie’s attraction toward the prostitute host Clementine is a holdover from a past life where they were designed to love each other? This would explain things a bit, being as Elsie, insofar as we have seen, seems to be a hardliner about the hosts being simple, inhuman machines. Why would she open herself up like that otherwise?
  1. Do any of you feel that the hosts (at least some of them) may already be more than machines already? Do you think that some of them may be partially human, or contain the remains/memories of passed humans known to the programmers? What are hosts “hosts” of, if that term doesn’t fit their role in the park perfectly? (Thanks to Candice for this one).

Dolores in maintenance mode.

  1. Do you believe that Dr. Ford’s business partner, Arnold, is still alive somewhere out in the park? It was a given that he explored and knew the park better than anyone, and that he was more comfortable interacting with hosts than with real people. Do you believe he could be Ed Harris’s Man in Black, or that the Man in Black could be an aspect of him?

Ed Harris as the Man in Black

  1. What is the maze? Why does it exist, since it seems to violate the MMORPG-style rules of the park by existing?

The maze and an incomplete host.

Please keep the discussion lively in the comments below! Thank you all for reading, and don’t forget to come back this weekend for my next Westworld post.

Do Favorite Movies Come In Waves?

I read a review today on Facebook of someone who has only just seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And their response… it was okay. I looked to the comments to see, indeed, others had hopped in to say what they had liked and enjoyed about the movie. I hopped in too, but that’s overall not the point of this post. I had written one before, with a poll, about the various opinions on the film – you can check that out here.

However, the act of jumping in to defend the movie got me thinking about the Marvel movies as a whole, above movies lately in general, about what I was defending. Are these my favorite movies ever? I think the answer there is no. Worth defending? Well, honestly, we spend a lot of time on Comparative Geeks talking about these films, so I suppose so!

However, if these films we’ve invested in so much aren’t my favorites, what movie or movies are? And that sent me down a nostalgia-filled rabbit hole, but I started noticing patterns. Okay, so let’s think of this. There are eras of movies in my life – in yours too, I assume. Great movies that take me back to when I first saw them, whether they came out then or not. The current era are all these superhero movies (with the occasional great science fiction movies) and it’s pretty great, but they’re especially great in combination, in continuity. Maybe that’s why we jumped in to defend Winter Soldier – it’s pretty great all on its own, and that’s special!

But from here, let’s go through some of the phases of movies, the waves of movies, the eras of movies from my life – and then let’s discuss whether they make sense to you!


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5 Great Bands I’ve found lately – Throwback Thursday

I’ve been wanting to write a post about music, but keep realizing I’ve already talked about these bands! So instead, how about I just share this in case you missed it? Here’s five (with a bonus sixth) great bands to check out!

It’s been a while, but for a time I was blogging music on Sourcerer. Maybe my most successful post – in part because it was open to so many suggestions and wasn’t focused on one artist – was about vocal duos in bands. It’s great and all when there’s just one person singing, but I really like it when you can get two people going, either separately on different songs, or together on one.

In that post I point back to the Raconteurs as the first time I was really noticing and liking this, but afterwards I’ve realized I completely missed the mark there – it would be Fleetwood Mac, a band I grew up listening to with my family and on my own. So I’ve been listening to music like this for a long time…

Between writing that post, and getting Apple Music, I didn’t pick up too much new music – so it’s been an explosion of me finding and obsessing over new bands, and new material from bands I had one album for, ever since! And my jumping-off point has been this post, the idea of these sorts of bands. Several came up in that other post or in its comments, but let’s explore!

Oh and I should note here… I haven’t really watched these music videos, so hopefully they’re not too weird?

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