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The Man. The Myth. The Meme. Ron Swanson.

Holly and I had this video recommended on YouTube, and we were not disappointed (warning: 32 excellent minutes).

While Ron Swanson might be an exaggerated character, he’s one of a type you don’t see often in media: a consistent libertarian. It’s just not a caricature that gets portrayed often, or well. Ron Swanson was so successful because he succeeded at just that.

A ton of his lines (and excellent camera-stare facial expressions) have been turned into memes, as well as a lot of memes of course superimposed over him. Those are of varying quality. The thing is, you don’t really need to add a lot to Ron Swanson: they’ve really already done the work for us.

What are your favorite Ron Swanson moments? And have they been turned into memes? Let us know!


In This One of Many Possible Worlds – A Review of Clockwork Angels

I recently finished reading Clockwork Angels, written by Kevin J. Anderson, based on lyrics by Neil Peart of Rush. I first saw this book sitting on the shelf about a year and a half ago, and was excited to find both that Rush had a new album out, and that someone had finally written a book based on some of the excellent mythologies and stories Rush has produced.

So I listened to the album for quite a while before reading the book finally, which is maybe how it should work with this. With a solid backing in the music – which is, as I understand it, the first total-album concept album by Rush – I then turned to the book. I had some preconceptions, based on the album, based on Rush and their Libertarian leanings, and maybe based a bit on what I was expecting to write about it in the blog once we reached the point where that was a thing.

I see there’s a concert album coming out next month – going to have to get that! They released one of the songs, so let me share that with you:

There will be spoilers to come about this book, but then, it’s based on an album, so in some ways, spoilers were the name of the game. However, if you never planned on reading this anyway, definitely read on to see what they created by combining these two artforms! Especially if you like what you hear in the concert video!

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