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Favorite Lego Game Series

With playing the Lego Movie game (and with reviewing it yesterday), we have been thinking back to the Lego games in general. Hard to pick a favorite game! So instead, we present you with a choice of a favorite series.

Do you like running around Hogwarts and going to classes? Want more to do with a lightsaber? Wishing there was someone with more powers than Super Skrull? Vote in our poll!

Lego Movie Videogame

Recently David and I got and played Lego Movie Videogame and it was great. We actually kind of marathon played it and ended up finishing the whole thing. It is not that it was that short, but more the fact that when we had a choice between playing and other things we kind of ended up playing more often than we should have. We tend to do that with a lot of the Lego games in general. This one was interesting because only others that are based on a live action movie that they turn into legos, this is a lego movie where you get to play through the story as legos. It was a very fun game, but it did have a couple of issues that we ran into at a couple points. Those things ended up being minor to the overall enjoyment, but definitely stood out from other Lego games that we have played. Continue reading