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Why Science Fiction Today is Important

I know it has been a while since I actually wrote a Science Fiction Today post, but in the current political climate I am reminded why we started writing them in the first place. I am honestly sick of most politics today. We keep congratulating ourselves for throwing more and more money at situations without bothering to take the time to examine why things are happening. One thing I love about doing Science Fiction Today is that we can take a step back and imagine the entire world differently.

Part of what is great about trying to look at things from a science fiction perspective is you are no longer constrained by what the world looks like now. Some of the ideas we present really would not work in today’s world, but who knows where we will be in another 50 or 100 years and what could that mean for the problems that we are currently facing?

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Internet is Amazing

Sometimes I think that we can get discouraged by some of the things we see happen on the Internet. So much news can be discussed about trolls, cyber bullying, sharing nude pictures, etc, that can make the Internet seem like a generally terrible place.

Internet is Large and full of Terrors

At the same time we need to remember that there are some amazing things that have come out of the Internet. Before the Internet, how much longer would it take for an idea to spread globally? But now a celebrity or comedian can mention an idea and that idea can explode beyond their wildest imaginations. Then there are the news stories of tragedy that lead others to try and help out a complete stranger. It is important to remember that the Internet is not all a dark, scary place, but really has the potential to help accomplish amazing things.

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This Week’s Fun: The Salmon Cannon

I suppose we’re a bit late to it, since we were out of town. We only just watched this year’s last episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and it contained one of the best bits I have ever seen on TV.

That was not where we were expecting the story to go, that’s for sure! The amount of work it took to get all of those different personalities and shows to make a video! Who’s your favorite appearance?

Net Neutrality Explained and a New Late Night Show Found

I have been trying to think if I have anything much to add to Holly’s post recently about Net Neutrality. And while she included a really good explanation video, we’ve found a better one.

“That has all the ingredients of a mob shakedown.”

We had heard that John Oliver’s new show was good, and we randomly watched this episode. It’s amazing. He’s hilarious, and also smart. I recommend checking out this show, which if you don’t have HBO, has its own YouTube Channel. But for now, watch this video. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn.

And it accomplishes something that was mentioned in the video Holly shared. There was a statement that you need to do more than talk, that you need to take action. Well, John Oliver’s call to action is fantastic.

Enjoy, and you’re welcome.