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Lightning Returns in Another Light

So, as I have been seeing aspects of Lightning Returns, my brain has been turning to mashups of different plots with this, comparisons to other Final Fantasy games, and other things.

Helping my case, they seem to have dived right in to other games, with outfits and schema (the job system) based on other SquareEnix games – mostly other Final Fantasy games, but also Tomb Raider. So, thank you for helping my case.

And then, just to help a bit more, they built in screenshot-sharing functionality, through Twitter and/or Facebook. Is this going to be dangerous? Indubitably.  But it also makes these screenshots easy to find and share with others. So I took a few, found a few on their site, and many more from around Twitter, and thought I would share. My comparisons are perhaps tongue-in-cheek, but the screenshots show a game that is going to fascinating to experience once it arrives.

You can tell the screenshots in this post from social media because they have the copyright information embedded in them.

You can tell the screenshots in this post from social media because they have the copyright information embedded in them.

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Lara Croft From Untested to Badass


To be clear this is specifically a character study of the latest rendition of Lara Croft from the new Tomb Raider game. David had suggested I do a review of the game, but I feel like the reviews are in and there is not much to add on that point. The game is phenomenal. My biggest gripe is that it is a bit of a slow start, but once you get into the game the story just keeps building. Thus ends my review of the game, it was great, I enjoyed playing it and it felt like I was playing a movie.

Instead I want to do a character study of Lara Croft. Doing it based on this game is particularly interesting because it is an earlier Lara Croft, instead of the already established Lara. We are there when she kills her first animal, kills her first human, and watches those she knows die. She goes through so much in the game and thus, in many ways, we get a lot of glimpses at her character and her attitude. The other reason I want to discuss this topic is a reflection on some of the initial comments made by people just based on the previews for the game. Some were saying that she was just another female to be rescued and that males playing the Lara would want to rescue her because she is a hapless female. I think we need to examine this idea again after playing the whole game. (Spoilers for Tomb Raider after the jump) Continue reading

Video Game Taboos

So recently I got through playing Alice Madness Returns. Sadly I did not get to play the original even though I remember seeing it on the shelves at the local store and wanting it, but that is a different issue. When I got to the end of the story and learned of the source of Alice’s madness and desire to retreat into Wonderland it went to a much darker place than I had really seen in video games. It got me thinking of whether there was any subject that was taboo for a video game to deal with.

We often see discussions against realistic violence in video games and how video games cause problems, and I am definitely not one of those. There are plenty of people who play all kinds of games and they do not end up being mass murderers or going on some weird killing spree. The type of violence in video games can be hotly debated, but for the most part it is something that is usually divided between those who play and those who don’t. Yet, are there other subjects or issues that are brought up in video games that would be looked on as more taboo. (Spoilers for Alice Madness Returns after the jump) (Content Warning: Sexual Violence) Continue reading