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M is for Mordin

MThere were a lot of choices for characters for M. At one point I thought about doing Morrigan from Dragon Age, but felt that I needed to give her a bit more time than I feel I have right now. So, instead I decided to go with a different franchise that we loved from around the same time and settled on Mordin Solus from Mass Effect. Mordin was introduced in Mass Effect 2 as the Salarian scientist who had worked on the genophage project against the Krogan. Mordin believes in doing the right thing, but believes that there are multiple paths to get there. He is not motivated by the heart, but by logic and truth. If the end will make things better then how you get there is okay. The genophage is a good example because they seriously altered the course of Krogan history and even culture by changing their biology, but the Krogan would have spread and destroyed like locusts if they had not been stopped. It was a situation that did not have many good answers and Mordin came up with a solution and stands by it. At the same time he is open to discussion about a different way. Continue reading


Positive Female Video Game Characters

As I talked about before I think it is important to be critical of the media we consume because it can often point to a larger societal problem that needs to be addressed. While it is important to point out things that are problematic, it is also important to point out places where things have been done right and look at why they work.

I first learned this from a class I took in college, Feminist Introduction to the Bible. It could be easy to dismiss the story of the bible as a misogynistic book that looks more at men. Our professor talked to us about how it is important to examine where females are present in the Bible versus trying to point out where they are missing. Now obviously the Bible is a different than video games, but it is still important to note where and how female characters have been done right in media spaces to understand the importance of having characters that are similar.

This will mostly look at more recent video games because I think there has been some great examples of positive female characters in video games recently. Continue reading