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Kingdom Hearts III – now with more release date!

Well, there was a bit of footage recently for Kingdom Hearts III – but now there’s a whole lot more!

At this point, we know the game will have worlds centered around Tangled, Big Hero 6, and now Toy Story. We also know the Olympus Coliseum is coming back (of course), and likely some of the other places like Twilight Town.

I feel like there must be other worlds they’re just sitting on waiting… or that still haven’t been developed. They finally, finally gave a time frame for the game’s release.

Next year? Ugh. Well, at least they’ve actually declared a date – that hasn’t really happened before, and this one’s been years in the making. Still, hopefully they don’t have a whole lot that they haven’t at least started developing – I’d prefer earlier 2018 to later!


Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3 2017!

It’s E3, and while there aren’t many games that we’re currently on the lookout for, there is one in particular that we’ve talked about before on the podcastKingdom Hearts 3. And lo, a trailer!

On the one hand, a trailer makes it feel like the game is coming along and can be expected sometime soon, since there weren’t any trailers at E3 in 2016 (previous videos had come from 2015). So while the development on this one has been a long time coming (Kingdom Hearts 2 came out in 2005… for the PS2), it might finally be getting close to seeing the light of day. The last rumors I saw placed it sometime in early 2018, which to be honest might be right around when I have time to play it!

On the other hand, this trailer doesn’t really show anything super exciting or new. Characters we’ve seen before, an updated Olympus, some updated combat moves and animation. But I guess I should say, these feel like backbone elements. The sorts of things that in theory should have been in place for a while at this point. The real work is in developing new worlds and new characters, drawing from more Disney and Final Fantasy sources. This didn’t show us any of those.

Even the previous trailers showed more new stuff, focusing especially on some of the new summons – which seem based on Disney rides. Seem cool. Basically Doomtrain:

Anyway… I don’t know. Is this actually a good sign? Is this game truly coming soon? The best news for us, really, was that it still has X-Box One listed as a console it’s coming out for. How about you – what caught your eye about Kingdom Hearts 3? Let us know!

Oh, Kingdom Hearts II.8.

One of the games that we saw that was coming out for PS4 only that made us a little sad about our X-Box One was Kingdom Hearts II.8. After experiencing how much fuller the story was by playing the other games included on the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 disc (still need to play more of 2.5 I’m realizing…), it just seems like it could be a good one to pick up.

Then we watched this video.

Yeah, they really are basically just stalling until they finally get Kingdom Hearts 3 out… Any year now, guys… We’ve talked before about how we’re really excited for that game, and this HD remaster is just another thing they would love to sell us because of that excitement. Hearing that the new bits are only about 2 hours was especially saddening, but hey, we didn’t buy this game, so not our loss I guess…

How about you, any thoughts on this title? Have you played it? Do you just shake your head and sigh at the combination of Roman numeral and Arabic decimal? Let me know in the comments below!


Comparative Opinions: Episode 8 – Kingdom Hearts 3 Speculation

Welcome to the Comparative Opinions podcast! This week hosts Holly and David tackle one of the video games they are most excited for, Kingdom Hearts 3! They explain the series a bit – which is an amazing cross between Disney and Final Fantasy – and talk about what is known and what could happen in this game. And hey, the game might even come out someday and prove us right or wrong!

Comparative Opinions is a weekly half-hour-ish podcast hosted on ComparativeGeeks.com. Subscribe for new episodes every Sunday!



Music is by Scott Gratton: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Scott_Gratton/Intros_and_Outros

Stuck in my Head – Sanctuary, Kingdom Hearts II

Between the two of us, we’ve been playing a lot of Kingdom Hearts 2.5. But the best moment for me so far was right at the beginning: the opening sequence.

And while we both vaguely remember it from when Holly played the game when it first came out (10 years ago!), it meant so much more to us now! That’s because apparently, to actually understand the story of the series, you need to play all of the games that they released for the handheld systems, that go between the main titles (Kingdom Heartsand II that is).

Luckily, the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 version comes with those games, and having played them – OH MY GOSH IT ALL MAKES SENSE. And all the feels! I am really impressed with how much work went into building the story of Sora and Roxas and the Nobodies and how they lost their memory and… and you don’t know any of it if you just play the first and second games. As such, the Final Mix discs I would highly recommend if you enjoy the series – the story is meant to be experienced in full!

Oh, and even if you don’t know the games, the music video is incredibleEnjoy!