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Stuck in my Head – Sanctuary, Kingdom Hearts II

Between the two of us, we’ve been playing a lot of Kingdom Hearts 2.5. But the best moment for me so far was right at the beginning: the opening sequence.

And while we both vaguely remember it from when Holly played the game when it first came out (10 years ago!), it meant so much more to us now! That’s because apparently, to actually understand the story of the series, you need to play all of the games that they released for the handheld systems, that go between the main titles (Kingdom Heartsand II that is).

Luckily, the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 version comes with those games, and having played them – OH MY GOSH IT ALL MAKES SENSE. And all the feels! I am really impressed with how much work went into building the story of Sora and Roxas and the Nobodies and how they lost their memory and… and you don’t know any of it if you just play the first and second games. As such, the Final Mix discs I would highly recommend if you enjoy the series – the story is meant to be experienced in full!

Oh, and even if you don’t know the games, the music video is incredibleEnjoy!

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories as the Munchkin Video Game

I have been playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 on Playstation 3 and recently started the game Chain of Memories which originally came out on the Gameboy Advanced. I never got to play Chain of Memories originally so it has been really interesting to play through it now. There are some aspects of the game that I am not a huge fan of, but the story is the tie-in between Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2.

The element that is particularly intriguing (although not always well executed) are the use of cards. The cards are used to generate rooms and to make attacks. David actually points out that there are quite a few elements that are reminiscent of Munchkin and Munchkin Quest and in fact could serve as a great example of how to make a Munchkin Video Game.

Munchkin Quest in action! From this post: https://comparativegeeks.wordpress.com/2013/03/30/table-top-day-game-recommendations/

Munchkin Quest in action! From this post.

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Replaying Video Games

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HDCurrently I am playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD which is just a fancy way of saying it is the re-release of three parts of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. I love these games because they combine Disney and Final Fantasy, which are some of my favorite things. Playing through the re-release got me thinking about what makes a game replay-able.

There are some video games that I really could care less about going through the story again and others that make me excited to go through again. There are some elements that make going through the story again interesting, including time and decision power. Sometimes if the game is released again they will add elements to make the story interesting or challenging again, such as new monsters and offsetting the experience in some way. At the same time most of the game tends to be the same. So what opens up the possibility for replay with a game? Continue reading

PS3 Game List

Playstation 3 Console

David mentioned that we are looking at getting a PS3 now that the price has dropped with the PS4 being released. Part of the reason that we got the XBox 360 over the PS3 in the first place is because the games that were available when we bought the console. Buying the PS3 now we have all the games to choose from and there are definitely some exclusive titles that we would love to get our hands on. This will be a nice way to tie us over until we can decide on whether we want to go with the PS4 or the Xbox One. Most of the games that we are interested in are out on both consoles, so it comes down to which exclusives will be more intriguing or which system seems better for gaming. In the meantime we can spend some time catching up on the PS3 exclusives that we have not gotten to play. Continue reading