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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Spoiler-Lite Reaction

Just in time for season 6’s premiere on Sunday!


Season 6 poster: Long live the Queen!

Spoiler-lite…ish. It’s on Netflix for viewing before the new season!

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Changing the Plot – A Game Idea

Last week I wrote a post about what I called The Hero’s Progress, and I took issue with a couple of the parts of the Hero’s tale – namely, that the Villain takes something precious from the Hero and just kind of locks it away to be saved later, and that, meeting the Hero, the Villain lets him or her walk away from the encounter.

Today I’d like to consider a problem with a different part of the Hero’s Progress – the thought that the Hero gets to progress through their journey through a series of increasingly difficult challenges. This is certainly how game design works – things get harder, you level up, things get harder, you learn some things and improve, so things get harder… But is this realistic or make sense?

So, I am going to consider this question for a moment, and then I am going to present a story idea for a game that would break that mold: The tale of the wizard Merlin.

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Reading Recommendations – Peter David

Peter David TweetI re-tweeted this, but I thought I would expand on it. My favorite author is Peter David, author of a great many things, quite a bit of which I have read. I thought I would share a bit with you, to give you some reading ideas that can also go towards a great cause!

So I have a couple of recommendations that come from different areas: Marvel comics, Star Trek, the Dark Tower, and Arthurian legends. Check him out! Plenty of his work available on the Marvel app, as well as Amazon. And if you buy them on Amazon, make sure to do so by clicking through the link to Amazon from Peter David’s blog!

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