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Try not to smile or laugh – allow us to steal some of your time!

So one of the occasional features on the Fine Bros Entertainment YouTube channel that we liked was when they showed them videos and told them to try not to smile or laugh. Whoever made it through all the videos was a winner. Some of the clips they show make it really hard, with looping fails or slow motion.

React Channel logoWith their newer channel, just called React, they have turned this into a far more frequent thing, up to 24 episodes now where all it is is these challenges. It also opened it up to being not just one group (Teens, Elders, Kids, Adults, YouTubers…) doing the challenge, but instead a mix.

I just looked and saw we haven’t really mentioned this on the blog, even though we watch all of these when they’re posted! Often the videos themselves we can resist laughing at, but the reactors – when they laugh, and then catch themselves laughing and realize they’re out – we end up laughing at or with. In other words, we’re not very good at this at all.

So here’s the playlist, currently 24 challenges. Enjoy!


The Fine Bros Stole My Evening

So, I did have a plan for something to post for tonight, an idea I have actually been thinking about for a couple of weeks, but that will have to wait until Wednesday because David and I got sucked into the react videos by The Fine Bros. If you do not know who The Fine Bros are, they do a series of different groups reacting to videos; including Elders, Teens, Kids, and YouTubers. They react to trailers, tv, viral videos, music, anything you can think of probably they could have people react to it.

It started out just me showing David the latest YouTubers React video and very quickly spiraled out of control. The thing that YouTube is really great at is getting you to watch more YouTube. It is a sick twisted spiral that can suck all your time away. So for tonight here are our favorite react videos by The Fine Bros. Continue reading