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NetFlix and Mark Millar? …Eh?

Huh. So that’s what it looks like when you drop a Twitter Moment into WordPress…

I saw this news story this morning, and I’m just… I’m just not that excited. Like, I like the fact that NetFlix is willing to invest in something like this – comics are an excellent ideas factory, like science fiction magazines and such were in the past. However, it’s Mark Millar.

If you don’t recognize the name, he’s written quite a few well known comics (not under his own imprint, so not necessarily part of this business deal). He wrote Civil War for Marvel. He’s written Kingsman and Kick-Ass and Wanted, which have all become films. He wrote Old Man Logan and Superman: Red Son and started Ultimate X-Men.

However, having actually read his comics, and seen a number of the films adapted from them… I have liked the film better in every single last case, in almost every way. I’ve written long discussions of this fact about Kick-Ass and Kingsman. In the Kick-Ass review, in particular, I included an image of the introduction which ran with Kick-Ass 2, and which basically just feels way too Gamer Gater at this point.

I’m conflicted, therefore, because I think that some interesting stories and films or shows may come from this purchase. If others are allowed to contribute their direction and vision to it as well, to correct the impulses that seem to underline how Millar wants to present the world. However, if with this purchase Millar comes along and gets to put his full stamp on things, we may end up with some really blah material coming out of NetFlix.

It’s a risk. The basic worlds he creates make for good cinema. The decisions he makes for his characters and plot points, not so much. It feels like a coin flip at this point… so I’m hesitant. What do you think?


Kingsman/The Secret Service – A LitFlix

Somehow, Kingsman: The Secret Service was still in theaters here this week. To put this in perspective, we’re in a seven-screen town, and this would be the seventh week that it’s been in theaters. And it’s rated R.

That’s impressive. Not going to lie. I had read the comic, in preparation for this LitFlix, but had really just thought I wasn’t going to get a chance to see the movie in theaters. Which was a shame, because I hadn’t really wanted to read the comic…

But it was still out, and I saw it, and as expected it was much more entertaining than the comic. I will try to keep my ranting about the comic to a minimum, and talk a bit about the main theme of the film, and about the main change in the film. Spoilers ahead for the film and comic, but let’s face it – it’s not long for theaters now!

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Comics LitFlix 2015

This is a really skimpy year for comic book movie adaptations. Unlike the next several years – with so many movies just from Marvel and DC, plus some from Fox and then who knows how many independent comics will make their way to the screen!

This year though? I know of four. Yep, four. And the comics movies tend to stake their claim on a date early: just look at those Marvel and DC links above! I don’t think we’ll be adding much to it. So I may read a book or two to supplement! I’ve already read the short story that inspired Predestination, after all! We may even end up renting a couple of these as well instead of seeing them in theaters. So what am I reading? Read on for the (short) list!

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Marvel Movie Casting – Thoughts from IMDb

Recently I gave you my thoughts about a Doctor Strange movie – a movie which just doesn’t fit in with the current Marvel cosmology. Then again, there are things that I wouldn’t expect that seem to be working their way into the movies now, so who knows!

I’ve been looking at the Marvel movies on IMDb, which might be a bad idea, and might be a whole lot of spoilers. However, this also paints an interesting picture of the upcoming films, specifically of the characters that are going to be in them.

Also, it leaves a number of characters on the table to – like Doctor Strange – maybe end up in Agents of SHIELD one day? A number of characters, like the Guardians of the Galaxy, need a large budget for the CG to make them. Some characters, however, are more human or exist on Earth, and could make it easily onto the show. After all, Coulson’s mission is to find heroes, so Whedon shouldn’t have to invent all of the heroes new, right?

So, spoilers to follow, some of which I probably don’t even understand for what they are myself!

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Kick-Ass, Hit Girl, and Kick-Ass 2 – A LitFlix

Kick-Ass 2In preparation for Kick-Ass 2, I read Kick-Ass, Hit Girl, Kick-Ass 2, and rewatched the movie Kick-Ass. Well, I was halfway through Kick-Ass 2 when we went to see the movie, and have finished it up since.

There’s a lot I could say on the topic, but I think I am going to focus my discussion by holding this to being a LitFlix, one of our reviews of a movie based on a book or comic. The Kick-Ass movies are quite clearly the inspiration for the movies, but it is fascinating the differences that were chosen.

As such, two things. First, I will be definitely doing some spoilers for the comics and movies; however, if you have only seen the movies, you’re probably in good shape. Second, I will be focusing mainly on those differences, which were not nitpicky things, but major plot-points, outcomes, and decisions.

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