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Begin Again, Review

David and I recently got back from a trip to Australia and on the flight back I got to watch Begin Again. This is a movie starring Kiera Knightley and Mark Ruffalo, which, is part of the reason I had any interest in seeing it in the first place. The general idea is that Kiera Knightley plays Gretta who is a songwriter who travels to New York with her boyfriend who has just been signed to an all new record deal. Mark Ruffalo plays Dan a record executive of an independent label who is down on his luck. Gretta ends up left behind by her rock and roll boyfriend and essentially abandoned in the city. Dan ends up thrown out of his own record label, he is separated from his wife and family, and really at rock bottom. The turning point scene for both of the characters is when Gretta’s one friend in the city drags her to an open mic night in a bar where Dan happens to be in that same bar to try and forget his problems at the bottom of a glass. Then he hears Gretta play.

The beginning of the movie is very much about juxtaposing these two people’s lives and how they are both on a downward spiral. One of the differences is the fact that Dan still seems to have a glimmer of hope and Gretta is on the verge of giving up. Where this movie really lives is in the music. Gretta has songs that need to be sung and Dan has a vision for how they can be presented. (Potential spoilers for Begin Again after the jump) Continue reading