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You Can’t Take the Sky from Me! – The Nine Alignments of Firefly

Happy 4th of July weekend, happy Independence Day! If you set the holiday in space, it would probably be like Firefly – you can’t take the sky from me! So in the name of freedom, here are the nine alignments of Firefly (and Serenity) as requested by you, the readers!

The Nine Alignments of Firefly

Avengers Open Thread

Whoa, another A to Z Challenge is done! You can read all of our posts from the challenge here. I think that means it’s time to do something else for a bit, to take a breather and maybe to talk a bit about comics.

A small little art house film is coming out today in the US (already out elsewhere!) called Avengers: Age of Ultron. You may have heard of it, or that one guy who’s directing it… what was it… Joss Whedon? Oh yeah, him.

Well, I figure what we can do today is to open up a space for people to talk about the Avengers. Be it comics, the movie(s), whatever. I imagine this thread will lead to spoilers, so! Be ye warned. Also know that we probably won’t be hitting the thread ourselves until we’ve seen the movie!

Oh yeah, and we haven't talked about this yet, either. Thoughts? Image and info: http://marvel.com/news/comics/24338/mark_waid_assembles_the_avengers

Oh yeah, and we haven’t talked about this yet, either. Available tomorrow for Free Comic Book Day!
Image and info: http://marvel.com/news/comics/24338/mark_waid_assembles_the_avengers

What’s Your Favorite Episode of Firefly?

Just a quick poll for the evening – or is it a hard poll? After all, it’s easy to say you like Firefly – much harder to pick a favorite episode! Soft spot for the man they call Jayne? Wish you could join them at a mighty fine shindig? Looking for more war stories? This poll has something for every one of you Browncoats out there!

Looking for an episode reminder? Try here!

X is for Xander Harris – the Zeppo

XYou may have thought we had made it through the month with no Joss Whedon characters, but take heart! For X is for Xander Harris! Just your average, socially awkward, class clown of a teen, he ends up an integral part of the Scooby Gang in Buffy, saving the world from demons, vampires, and general badness. 

Right? He matters, right? The defining Xander episode was The Zeppo, where Xander has a solo adventure while his friends, Buffy and the gang, fight off what is described as “the worst thing they have ever faced” – which happens off-screen. And meanwhile, trying to find his identity and figure out what it is that is his “thing” – what makes him cool or unique – Xander gets mixed up with some undead who want to blow up the high school. He beats them all, and saves the school, while his friends save the world – something they couldn’t have done if they had blown up.

So let me look at Xander, but also at this idea of “the Zeppo,” this character who is at once essential and expendable.

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Marvel Movies and Shows Thoughts and News

So you may have heard, but Hank Pym has been cast for the Marvel Phase 3 Ant Man movie. And it’s Michael Douglas! So a big name coming in for our villain, something that has been happening a lot with the marvel movies – looking at Benicio Del Toro as The Collector, or James Spader as Ultron, for instance.

However, this is defining this movie in an interesting way. This is no young Hank Pym, early in his career, creating his science, being a superhero. It sounds like Paul Rudd is going to be doing the super-heroing as the actual Ant Man, so… we’ll see!

So I wanted to share some thoughts I had from this, but also then, some of the thoughts I’m seeing out on the Internets, about this and the Marvel movies – since I talk about them maybe enough here on my own! And a bit about Agents of SHIELD, as well, to round us out!

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