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End of the World – Meme Monday

Just in general, this video was seeming like the right Meme Monday for today. This feeling was confirmed after watching last night’s excellent Last Week Tonight.


This was one of my original favorite Internet videos from way back on Albino Black Sheep, and one that my friends and I quoted a lot and that I still quote – and can recite – to this day. Enjoy!


Just When You Think We’re Done With It… Net Neutrality Is Back

Net Neutrality is a big deal to Holly and I, Internet people that we are. I think that it’s like that you, dear readers, are in a similar boat. If so, you’ve probably seen that John Oliver did a new segment on the topic… but if you’re new to the topic, well, here’s a few posts we wrote about it before:

Yes, it was John Oliver’s first take on Net Neutrality that made us into solid watchers of his show: we’ve not missed an episode since (and watched the ones before… this was the 5th episode I want to say!).

And it’s back. Sadly, no dingos this time.

There’s a call to action at the end, and the news I’m seeing is that, of course, this seems to have wrecked the FCC website again. gofccyourself.com

I’m not sure that I have much more to add to the discussion right now… except I guess on the personal side. If you’ve been reading here a while, you know we made a switch in our ISP – because we actually have choice where we live (and it’s not between any of the big carriers, so, yay Alaska?). I appreciate that we are living in the exception, and not the rule, when it comes to Internet access in America. So just because this doesn’t immediately affect us doesn’t mean we don’t care a lot about it. Hopefully you care too!

Last Week Tonight is back!

After a hiatus since shortly after the election – and after spending basically all of last season talking about the now-president throughout the presidential race – Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is back! Holly and I have been anxiously awaiting this show returning, because once you get past an obvious bias, the topics covered and presentation are great.

As more and more news items have been hitting, as a new administration swings into gear, as more and more Americans are getting politically engaged and motivated, we had to wonder: what on earth was John Oliver going to start with in a show that’s only 30 minutes long?

Oh. Okay then. That makes sense. The place to start: reality. What is it anymore, in our increasingly post-modern times (my words, not his)? Well, here’s a good start at answering that question.

And where it ends? John Oliver’s current plan for action? This one had us laughing hysterically… and then had us really sad that something like this would seem necessary.



I had plans for another blog post tonight. Then we watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. And we had to share.

We try to avoid current politics and many current issues in their current context here on the blog – that’s what our Science Fiction Today posts are for. But this year’s US Presidential election might be something out of a science fiction novel – or perhaps the history books. We have an election going where we might see a Nationalist and a Socialist facing off, which feels frighteningly 1930’s to me.

So take a second look. Maybe a third look. And to help, make Donald Drumpf again. Oh, and this might help:

Internet is Amazing

Sometimes I think that we can get discouraged by some of the things we see happen on the Internet. So much news can be discussed about trolls, cyber bullying, sharing nude pictures, etc, that can make the Internet seem like a generally terrible place.

Internet is Large and full of Terrors

At the same time we need to remember that there are some amazing things that have come out of the Internet. Before the Internet, how much longer would it take for an idea to spread globally? But now a celebrity or comedian can mention an idea and that idea can explode beyond their wildest imaginations. Then there are the news stories of tragedy that lead others to try and help out a complete stranger. It is important to remember that the Internet is not all a dark, scary place, but really has the potential to help accomplish amazing things.

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