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Snowpiercer – A LitFlix

Snowpiercer CoverAs Holly mentioned, we watched Snowpiercer last week. This movie came out directly on demand, and it’ll be interesting to see how it does because of that. Of course, for our purposes – for doing a LitFlix – it made it odd for a deadline. I finally read the comic, and then we rented the movie. We’ll probably buy it on disc eventually… but it’s not even out that way yet!

All that is to say, sorry this is late. Also, I acknowledge that many of you have probably not seen this movie. With our LitFlix, we compare to the comics, which I am also thinking you haven’t read. I would recommend both – the movie was great, and the comic was great.

I recommend both also because they are very different from one another. Which I found fascinating, after reading it – certainly, it was a very adaptable story. One that got very changed. It’s interesting after watching Sin City recently, and seeing a comic so directly adapted – followed by one that departed so completely – was interesting!

Sensitive to the fact that I don’t anticipate many people have seen this movie yet, I will keep the spoilers minimal, sticking with the initial thread of the plot in both comic and movie. After all, if I tried to describe similarities and differences, I’d be at it all week!

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