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Marvel Phase 1 Revisited – Comparative Opinions S.2 E.4

Welcome to the Comparative Opinions podcast! This week hosts Holly and David dive into their re-watch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you watch one movie a week this year, you can watch them all in time for Infinity War. With the first part watched, here are our thoughts looking back at these films!

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The Nine Alignments of Iron Man

To finish off the franchises of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, today we have Iron Man. It’s where it all started, so where we’ll end for now. Hope you have enjoyed these, and definitely let us know what you think!

The Nine Alignments of Iron Man

A to Z with Arnim Zola

So one of the people I was thinking about doing for the A to Z Challenge (I mean, come on, his name starts with a Z, that’s handy…) was Arnim Zola. He’s a Marvel comics character, well known as a long-time villain of Captain America. With the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he seemed particularly relevant. However, I went with Bucky Barnes from the Captain America universe, so I wanted to go with something else.

And yes, I still owe a Captain America: The Winter Soldier LitFlix. Hoping to see the movie a second time this weekend, and then will get that out!

Toby Jones! You might also recognize him from Doctor Who and the Hunger Games! Found on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arnim_Zola

Toby Jones! You might also recognize him from Doctor Who and the Hunger Games!
Found on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arnim_Zola

So meanwhile, Arnim Zola. Scientist. Hydra. Ridiculous head-on-a-screen-in-his-chest from the comics. I don’t really know him from the comics, but in the movie, I mean, he’s Toby Jones! Anyway, spoilers for the films from here – and some meta level, talking about the spoilers from the Captain America film in general!

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Iron Man 2 Revisited

After seeing Iron Man 3, and writing up my review, I went back and re-watched Iron Man 2. The most aligned of the Marvel Phase 1 movies, Iron Man 2 just doesn’t seem to fit.

There are some internal problems, I suppose, that might contribute. Like there not actually being much of Iron Man until the last half hour, although lots of Tony Stark isn’t really a problem. Except it was a dying Tony Stark, so the overboard elements without anything tempering.

But I don’t think this is the problem with Iron Man 2. The internal issues and plot are things that could work – and did work in their own way. It’s a better superhero movie than a lot of others – it just isn’t as good compared to recent superhero movies.

Spoilers ahead for Marvel Phase 1 and Iron Man 3!
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Iron Man 3 and Iron Man Extremis: A LitFlix

Iron Man 3 PreludeThis is my first LitFlix to do, as I am tackling the comic movies this year. Check out my original post about that here. This is our first summer blockbuster, and our first comic movie for the year. This is Iron Man 3.

I had a bit of trouble nailing down what comic to read, to prepare for Iron Man 3, and I discuss some of that process here. So first, I am going to talk about about my comics hunt, then about the comic that leads into Iron Man 3, and compare.

Past here I am going to delve into spoilers, so be warned. If you want your own LitFlix experience with Iron Man 3, I recommend reading Invincible Iron Man, Volume 4: Extremis. I have the six-part comic on my Marvel App. Also, see Iron Man 3. It’s a blast.

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