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Reaction to the Reactions to Peter Capaldi as the New Doctor

So we are obviously not a news blog. We do not try and get the announcements out first we just react to things that have already come out. With the announcement of Peter Capaldi there were a ton of announcements on a variety of blogs that we read. Not only were there announcements, but there has been fan reactions and discussions of what it means for the new Doctor to be Peter Capaldi.

We are super excited for the new Doctor. There is always a time of hesitation, of wondering is this person going to actual do a good job and what is the vibe of the new Doctor going to be. Many blogs have made the announcements and made comments, the two that I read are The Mary Sue and io9. The comments are really where you get some of the most interesting reactions, but the blogs eventually released their own reactions. So here are our reactions to the reactions that we heard. Continue reading

Geek versus Nerd

As made obvious by the title of this blog, David and I consider ourselves geeks (probably also nerds, but more geeks), but what does that really mean? If you watch Doctor Who, BSG, anything by Joss Whedon, does that make you geek? If you know a computer backwards and forwards – and spend your spare time building your own box – does that make you a geek? Is it obsessively reading and trying to figure out how the world works around you? Or are you a nerd for those things?

When thinking about definitions I figured a good place to start was to see what the dictionary had to say. I have come to discover that might not have been the best place to start. Continue reading

Our Favorite Geek Blogs

Starting out we thought that we would share a list of the blogs, podcasts, and channels that we read, listen to, watch, and love. If you have any other suggestions leave them in the comments.

Continue reading