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To Dub or Not to Dub in Musicals

So today I read an article from Vulture about the need to go back to dubbing in musicals. It used to be a standard practice for studios to dub over an actress if they did not feel their singing voice was up to snuff. At the same time the person actually doing the singing often did not get on screen credit for their effort. Now a days we are seeing times where an actor was cast in a part even though their singing voice might not have been the best. There are plenty of times that I have been disappointed in the casting choice due to the singing voice. At the same time a few bad choices does not mean that we need to go back to dubbing over voices. The article in particular seems a little bit overly critical of people who are mainly actors and actresses who do their own singing. Continue reading

What Are You Seeing for Christmas?

I know Christmas is a time for seeing movies. I know it’s something I have done with my family over the years. Likely something you have done as well.

My biggest evidence, though, is the amount of movies they release over Christmas! This year seems like a particularly ridiculous amount of movies, and that just a week after The Hobbit: The War of the Five Armies came out! It’s going to be a lot of competition. And hey, even The Interview is making it to theaters!

So I figure, I’ll ask you here: what movies are you thinking of seeing this Christmas? Take the poll! Multiple choice, for all you people who are going to see multiple movies!

Oh my goodness, that is a lot of true story and biopics! Which don’t feel like Christmas fare to me… I guess we’ll see how they do!