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Comics Review – Secret Wars by Jonathan Hickman

Secret Wars CoverI have now read Jonathan Hickman’s Marvel comics run from Fantastic Four and FF, through Avengers and New Avengers, the Infinity and Time Runs Out stories, and now finally Secret Wars. What it was all building towards. From that beginning – and especially since page 1 of Avengers and New Avengers, Hickman was doing the work of killing the Marvel Universe – indeed, the entire Multiverse.

If you’re looking for more on those stories, I have the links above. I highly recommend them, and will probably re-read them all in order at some point! But this post is about Secret Wars, which recently came out in collected version. I supported the local graphic-novel-carrying comic shop by ordering it there. Because I totally knew I would be reading it.

RIP Marvel UniverseSo this is going to go into a lot of spoilers. It would have to, at the place it’s at in the story. So quick review… I think I liked all these different story parts for different reasons. I loved the early stuff for its world-building, the crossovers for their world-breaking. I think everything came together for some amazing reveals in Time Runs Out… and then Secret Wars was just kind of what happened next. It was the inevitable place for it to go from there. And because of the scope of the crossover, it feels a lot like there were things that had to be crammed in. But hidden amongst that were some Hickman flourishes, and I enjoyed those a lot too.

Let’s look at it those ways: what happened, what felt lumped in, and what felt like Hickman closing up his stories. Onward to spoiler land!

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Marvel’s Infinity – My Review!

From Infinity 1

From Infinity 1

Yesterday, Marvel’s big crossover event of the fall came to an end. Infinity. (Check out my pre-Infinity post here for more). Named largely for the string of infinity-named crossovers having to do with Thanos, the Mad Titan, there nonetheless were larger implications to the name this time, as two major plots intertwined. Both plots were written by Jonathan Hickman, which are the current run of Avengers (which I’ve talked about before here), and New Avengers (which I’ve talked about before here).

In short, in Avengers, Iron Man and Captain America have been working on building a bigger team , to handle bigger threats. Which, of course, plopped down on their laps. They have been building towards the Builders as a threat since the first issue, where their creations (Ex Nihilus, Abyss, and Aleph) have caused basically all of the threats and plots of this comic thus far. So this was being planned all along.

In New Avengers, a secret Marvel society – Marvel’s version of the Illuminati – is dealing with an exceedingly dangerous problem. The Universe is colliding – with itself, with the multiverse – and the collision point is the Earth. There are charts, I included them in my post linked above. They are fighting against the death of Earth, first of all, and the death of everything, as a larger problem.

In Avengers, it is a bit of lighter fair (only a bit), with heroes, mythology. It’s built very mythologically in its storytelling. In New Avengers, it’s very cerebral, dealing with heavy problems, building bigger bombs. Most of Marvel’s smartest are involved. But with the same writer, these plots are absolutely connected, and it’s in Infinity that the two plots run into each other. So there’s a lot I want to talk about – enough for two posts! Today, I am going to focus on what happened in Infinity. For my next post, I will focus on where things go from here – what plot-points are still hanging, what plots were created. Spoilers to follow, with pictures! Avengers? Assemble!

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My Prelude to Marvel’s Infinity

A common thing in comics is the crossover event. It gives a chance to pull lots of characters together, sell lots of comics, get lots of people involved in creative processes, introduce people to different characters… it’s a mixed bag.

Sometimes, like with the X-Termination crossover I read earlier this year, the existence of the event seems to preclude it being epic – it’s epic because it’s the crossover. There were some epic bits, but also it was a problem larger than something they could even fight; it was more cerebral. But it was also the culmination of multiple storylines.

You get other crossover events, like last year’s Avengers vs. X-Men, or this year’s Age of Ultron, where they try to make drastic changes to the world, or where the changes are so drastic that the universe resets, and not much actually changes.

They Have to Get Bigger

But this week, the Avengers Marvel crossover event Infinity starts. So the cynical side of me might say, it’s a way of getting us interested in Thanos before he shows up more in the movies. The side of me that has recently discovered Jonathan Hickman – author of Avengers and New Avengers – is also super excited for this event.

Infinity is not the crazy end of plots. Only, if anything, the middle, I think. Plots that I have enjoyed immensely. Plots that I can only guess at what’s happening – and guess away I shall! My thoughts on Infinity ahead – spoilers for Avengers and New Avengers, and maybe for Infinity?

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Comics Review – New Avengers: The Illuminati

New AvengersRecently I hit the end of several comic series and worlds I liked, and I have been exploring some other offerings. It’s a great time to be getting into comics right now, because apps making it easy to get comics, and the comics are restarting their series.

Better yet, we’re a little bit into that – there are a handful of a number of the new Marvel comics, enough to feel like I can get a sense of them. And you can too!

One that I found the initial links to, and which I found had returned in an interesting way, was the Marvel Illuminati. Who would the Illuminati be in the Marvel Universe? Well I’ll tell you! Spoilers ahead for the New Avengers!

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