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The Relief of Irreverent Humor

It feels like just yesterday I was writing about using media and pop culture to temporarily escape the horrors of our world but, well…here we are again. Instead of talking about the broad benefits of escapism, I think I’ll muse on the intellectual benefits of irreverent humor by talking about some of my favorite satire and dark humor shows.

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Scene Does Not Contain a Lap Dance

David and I have recently been watching Cinema Sins on YouTube and really enjoying it. It does a pretty good job of pointing out some pretty obvious inconsistencies and plot holes. Some of the comments are absolutely hilarious, but recently I have noticed something that kind of irks me. One of the repeated comments that he has made is “scene does not contain a lap dance”. It is not used every time and I have not done a specific study around when it does appear. I just know that I have heard it repeated in at least a few of the Cinema Sins commentaries.

Now I know it is a joke and I really do hate getting in to arguments about what is or is not funny. I think the problem I have is the pervasiveness of the joke in his commentary. The first time I heard it I laughed, I will admit it. Now when I am watching them, the joke is getting a little old. I think the other part of my problem is the fact that there does not seem to be a similar comment about the men. I feel like when you are fair about your riffing I can forgive more offensive comments because you are potentially offending everyone. It could be making a commentary on the larger issue of female in the media, but I am not sure. Continue reading