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Trying Netflix Again…


With the arrival of Geek Baby and some need for potential additional entertainment, David and I decided to try Netflix for a while (online only). We were able to do the one month free, and are paying for it now. One of the really great things about Netflix is being able to watch the original content (Daredevil, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, etc.); as well as access to a lot of shows that we have not been able to watch yet.

We both had Netflix early on and dropped it because we just were not using it that much. In getting it again there are some things that we are excited about as listed above, but it does not seem as good as we remember. One thing in particular that has been difficult is how much data it uses, but the other piece is that it just is not as user friendly as I remember. We are still trying to evaluate whether we want to keep Netflix or not, but can say that we are not thrilled with it.

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Nielson Rating Outdated

David and I recently participating in a week long Nielson Rating survey. We had to fill out a survey every day for a week saying what we watched from cable TV and when. It did have a way to record information for shows that we were watching out of sync with when it actually aired, but the survey just seemed to show a lack of acknowledgment of advancements in technology. The basics of what the Nielson rating is tracking is simple with whether you have a tv, have cable, have HBO, have a DVR, etc. Then it asked whether you had a VCR or DVD player, okay I get it, but what about including Blu-Ray under DVD. Then it asks if you have a landline, but does not ask about other forms of communication. I am probably missing something about how Nielson ratings are supposed to work, but just the way the form was put together made it feel like Nielson was not recognizing the way that we consume media now a days.

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Moving to the Cloud

I know this has been going on for a while, but recently with the Xbox One announcements it has made me think about it more and more. There are so many things moving to download online and you either buy the code to authorize the download or you tie it to a login account. I have friends who do not have any cable and just have Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others where they get and either watch or download movies and tv shows. We are moving away from owning a physical copy of something and either having a digital copy or paying for continued access to an online version.

David and I have moved toward watching more stuff online, but we still pay for a lot of physical items as well. We do e-books, download tv shows, rent movies, but we still buy the blu-ray of certain shows and we also like to support local book stores (woohoo Tattered Cover). There is some level of trust that is there with keeping stuff in the cloud. If you truly keep everything in the cloud you have to trust that the company you bought stuff from is going to be around for a good long while. There is some trust that we put into Amazon when we buy their e-books because they store the books for us and we can download it for us, but they have to be around for us to continue to download the books we have already bought from them.

The secondary issue is that not too long ago, in a ploy to stop piracy, many internet providers have decided to move away from unlimited download size. They are increasing the price to be able to download at a decent speed and to be able to download enough data. With moving to the cloud, more and more people will need / want faster internet and higher limits. It is not only downloading that becomes an issue, but video chat, online games, etc. We are moving towards a world of being online (original Xbox One design) and the internet providers do not seem to have a model that is conducive to being an online society. Continue reading

Nine Movies I Apparently Need to See – And One I Now Have

I often run into a wall of not having seen the “classic” movies of geekdom. In my mind, geekdom is large, and can contain many things. In high school, my group of friends considered only a couple of things to be our baseline: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (the book), and The Princess Bride (the movie). Solid foundations for geekdom.

Oh, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Obviously.

Some of the most fun you can have with fantasy, science fiction, and parody, this is indeed a good start. From there, I have gifted some of my favorites, like Dune, and The Killing of Worlds. We loan people things or watch them together, like Doctor Who and Game of Thrones. We share our passion for geeky things.

And in some circles, I was known as an expert in cult classic movies. And in other circles, I am left decidedly wanting. We finally started working on the list of movies I hadn’t seen (or don’t remember seeing as a child, one of the two) recently, and my friends and family led with a winner. Here we have a list of nine movies I need to see that I haven’t, classics and cult classics and then one movie I just recently saw.

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Science Fiction Today – Geek Culture and Consumerism, Round 2

I wrote a piece a while back talking about geek culture, and its relationship to consumerism. I feel like I had some good points, but in talking to people since then I feel like there are more terms we need to use to discuss this topic.

What has me thinking of this right now is the X-Box One, which plans on having all of the games in digital format on the system – where you can loan a game to a friend digitally, but not resell it as used. But you also avoid the costs and hassle of the physical object.

How has geek culture responded? In a mixed fashion. I don’t tend to sell back many (any) games, so owning them forever works out for me alright. However, does this just make me a consumer creature? What is going on?

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