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Weekend Coffee Share – Double Decker Couch Edition

If we were having coffee, well, it would depend. If we were having coffee together, in person, there are thing I might tell you. The sort of stuff you tell in person, or on the phone. Because that’s the sort of stuff that’s been going on this week – serious stuff. Not to us, either, so it’s not really ours to share.

So in an effort to stay cheerful, well, I spent a little time wandering the store yesterday with the Geek Baby asleep…

So everyone could drink coffee together and be buddies!

So everyone could drink coffee together and be buddies!

So that happened.

We had been eyeing Legos for a bit. We’ve not really shared images of ourselves related to Comparative Geeks, and the idea was we could use Legos to do so. This would be ripping off the exact same idea from our blogging friend Sheena, at her blog Not A Punk Rocker. She uses Wyldstyle as her Avatar, and Deadpool as, well, Deadpool.

But that also meant no Wyldstyle for Holly… so then… wow, there are a lot of minifigs. Also, not nearly so many of them female. And so while we may not have hit on some final selections, we do at least have some we can play around with now. And better yet, new minifigs have multiple faces if you just spin them around! That will come into play for sure.

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Hydra, at it again – have an Avengers Trailer!

[tweet https://twitter.com/Marvel/status/525071656306626560]

That’s what Marvel had to say about the leak of their first trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was supposed to air next week, during Agents of SHIELD.

I’m not sure I get that plan, either, since most people watching Agents of SHIELD are going to go see an Avengers movie. Let’s just safely make that assumption. In reverse, if your goal is to get people watching the show to see the trailer… wait, people still watch television live?

Anyway, once the proverbial cat was out of the bag, Marvel gave up their original plan, and released the HD version of the trailer online themselves. Blame Hydra, but in this case they seem to have done something good… we’ve got the trailer and a few of our thoughts after the jump!

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Comics Review – Avengers by Jonathan Hickman

I have been hunting new comics lately. I started where I used to read comics: with the X-Men. I’ve read the new version of X-Men, All New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men, Uncanny X-Force and the Uncanny Avengers… and a bit further into the Avengers with the New Avengers.

The X-Men comics fill me with nostalgia, make me feel like I’m entering back into something from my youth. But the plots I’ve been reading in the Avengers titles have been better. In Uncanny Avengers, there’s a great combination of X-Men and Avengers villains going on, old ones and new ones, all mashing up dangerously. And there’s a lot hanging out there unknown. In New Avengers, the Marvel Illuminati are back, and fighting off the end of the universe… well, all universes. Ever.

So, Holly recently posted asking what comics she should read, and she got some great recommendations. One that caught my eye was The Manhattan Projects by Jonathan Hickman. I saw the name and went, wait a minute, I’m reading something by Jonathan Hickman. The New Avengers. So I looked: what else is he up to?

And I found the most recent volume of the Avengers. So I’ve given it a read, and I’ve found a new favorite. So let’s give it a look!

Avengers Covers 1-3

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Superman Versus Marvel

After my post the other day about Superman, I have been thinking more about Superman. As a Marvel comics reader, I have been thinking especially about whether there is an analogous character in the Marvel universe.

There have been crossover events of Marvel versus DC, and matching someone against Superman is always a challenge. At least, I can assume. I remember seeing covers, mainly, and Superman fighting the likes of the Hulk.

But I’m not necessarily thinking about who can match Superman, or even necessarily who has matching powers. I’m thinking more, who has a similar sort of story as Superman? Parallels can be drawn between some other Marvel and DC characters, like Green Arrow to Hawkeye, or Batman to Iron Man. But who is a parallel for the Man of Steel? Let’s explore a few thoughts!

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Iron Man 2 Revisited

After seeing Iron Man 3, and writing up my review, I went back and re-watched Iron Man 2. The most aligned of the Marvel Phase 1 movies, Iron Man 2 just doesn’t seem to fit.

There are some internal problems, I suppose, that might contribute. Like there not actually being much of Iron Man until the last half hour, although lots of Tony Stark isn’t really a problem. Except it was a dying Tony Stark, so the overboard elements without anything tempering.

But I don’t think this is the problem with Iron Man 2. The internal issues and plot are things that could work – and did work in their own way. It’s a better superhero movie than a lot of others – it just isn’t as good compared to recent superhero movies.

Spoilers ahead for Marvel Phase 1 and Iron Man 3!
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