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Has How It Should Have Ended finally gotten too obvious?

The other day, How It Should Have Ended dropped their newest video, for The Last Jedi. And… I laughed, but I was never surprised.

Maybe it’s just because this movie ended up with so much chatter about it, about all of the different little parts people wished were different. All the perceived plot holes or plot complaints.

Maybe it was because I watched the HISHE review of The Last Jedi.

But basically, this HISHE felt like fanservice. Sure, they frequently have elements that play into fan complaints or fan observations about the film or plot. They have some fun surprises or shortcuts usually though. I love the Lord of the Rings resolved with the eagles, that’s just classic. And Harry Potter resolved with time travel? Perfect.

But this one just served up all of the fan service. And the comments? “It’s the canon Last Jedi!” and “Better than the original!” and such. Because the number one unifying complaint about this movie is that it wasn’t what fans expected, and by extension, not what fans wanted. So now they’ve been fed what they wanted, but for me… it’s falling flat.

Hopefully this is just an oddity of this episode, of this HISHE. That they have some fun, unique surprises ahead to hit us with. The Mary Sue, at least, seems to think that some of the scenes were jabs at the an complaints: maybe so, and that is certainly a reading which allows for them to keep doing their thing moving forward. What do you think?

Wonder Woman HISHE!

Life might be crazy, but there’s always time to take a few minutes for How It Should Have Ended, right? What do you think about this one? I know I liked the end…

Poor Legolas…

Okay, so we thought the How It Should Have Ended for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was pretty great. They had a lot of fun with it, and… well, apparently they had more fun with it even than we thought.

Yeah, that’s stuck in my head now. Enjoy!

Thank you for reminding me how good this movie was, HISHE!

I guess it’s a Guardians of the Galaxy kind of week. But this one has me excited for the movie to come out in a way others things haven’t. Enjoy!


What did you think of Spider-Man Homecoming?

We saw Spider-Man Homecoming over the weekend, and we liked it! Still mulling it over to talk about (will probably be a podcast). So I thought I would ask: what did you think?

Or do you not want to talk about it?

Let us know in the comments below! Spoilers!