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Who you gonna call? On Halloween!

I almost got into talking about this the other day during our horror movies discussion on Comparative Opinions, but I decided since it’s a good read I would link it up here on Halloween. This is an absolutely phenomenal review of Ghostbusters, and I honestly think it helps explain some of why the movie is so good, why the sequel as well as the new one don’t compare, and… yeah. Enjoy.

The Ghostbusters are an Antidote to Lovecraft’s Dismal Worldview


Horror Movies – Comparative Opinions Episode 65

Welcome to the Comparative Opinions podcast! This week, in the spirit of Halloween, hosts Holly and David talk horror movies, their frequent dual-genre status, and ones they’ve seen and liked and recommend. Also, a bit of other Halloween and traditions talk. Happy Halloween!

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Doing New Things with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality isn’t a new idea by any means, and is a staple of science fiction and especially of cyberpunk. So maybe at least it’s an idea decades old… The thought seems to go towards just replicating life, and maybe doing something you otherwise couldn’t. It moves into deeper science fiction when people start living their lives vicariously through their virtual reality selves.

But now that we’re starting to really have some virtual reality available – and the fascinating idea of the simple setups that just hold up your smart phone for the picture – I think that the true idea generating and innovation has begun.

At least, that’s the feeling I had watching Good Mythical Morning this morning, as Rhett and Link used virtual reality to confront Link’s fears and see about them not being as bad as his mind thinks. It gets sillier when Link then uses it to basically go all horror-movie on Rhett… and then gets cute when they use it to interact with Rhett’s dog. But rather than just tell you, here’s the video:

The confronting the fears element, in particular, feels like a really interesting and potentially amazing use of the technology. Well, the second bit seems like it will be the plot of a horror movie before too long. And the last bit is probably just something that’s going to happen.

But this also reminded me of some stories we’ve been hearing about virtual being used – and effective – in physical therapy (like in this story: http://www.inc.com/aj-agrawal/how-virtual-reality-will-change-physical-therapy-forever.html). And that’s cool. It’s also interesting in comparison to the science fiction: in the stories, we move towards virtual reality and our physical bodies get worse. But this is a case of using the virtual reality to make our bodies better.

What else do you think we’ll be able to do with virtual reality here soon? Let me know in the comments below!

Favorite Horror Movies

Now first thing is, I have to admit that Horror is not my favorite, but that is mostly because it is often gory and that is not my favorite thing. At the same time I enjoy movies with high suspense where the fear and horror comes more from what you don’t see or where there is something more to what is going on than just simple gore. There can be moments that are scary, creepy, and even horrific, but those are not the main way that you get scared.

Now I have enjoyed an occasional gore fest, but those are not the movies that have stuck with me or that I want to watch again. When a movie can scare you again even after you have seen it then you have something that works. So here are some of my favorite horror movies. Continue reading

Binge-Worthy TV: Stranger Things

When Netflix dropped Stranger Things on July 15, I knew I’d have to at least give it a try. The show featured Winona Ryder, who I haven’t been able to get enough of since watching her refuse Christian Bale’s Laurie and embrace Gabriel Byrne’s Professor Bhaer in the 1994 adaptation of Little Women, and even better, it looked to be a little bit sci-fi, a little bit horror, and a little bit 1980s.

I wasn’t wrong, either.

Continue reading