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Favorite Movie Trailer Songs

Music is such a big part of what makes a trailer worth watching and can really help make a movie look better than it actually might end up being. There have been a few songs that no matter what trailer they are in the song itself just makes it look better. Then there are those songs that you have never heard before and it just instantly catches your attention. It does not happen too often, but sometimes you might discover a new band that you have not listened to before.

This list is specifically looking at songs done by known artists and not music that is a variation on a musical theme of the movie. Every one knows that when you listen to the Star Wars theme that you are going to get excited, but having a song that just immediately hits you can be so satisfying.

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We’re All Hooked on a Feeling – Throwback Thursday

It’s here – the first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I was expecting them to drop some new awesome song on us, so I don’t know whether I am sad or in fact even more excited to have it be “Hooked on a Feeling” again. Either way, it seemed like a good time to first share this trailer – and then share an old original reaction post I had to the first movie not long after it came out. You can find the original over on Sourcerer.

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