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Big Hero 6, Comic and Movie and Characters

Big Hero 6We went to go see Big Hero 6, and it was a lot of fun. They definitely did a good job of making it accessible to children, and entertaining still for adults. We enjoyed it, and you probably will too. It’s a superhero origin movie, like they always seem to do with comic adaptations [links].

Having read the comic series, I was trying to think of how to approach it. The comics exist in the Marvel universe, with references to the Avengers, Reed Richards, and the X-Men. And sure, Disney could have gone with that since they now own Marvel, but they didn’t. Nor did they go with our world. Instead, they created a fictional world, and set the events in San Fransokyo – a mix between San Francisco and Tokyo.

This let them keep the Japanese main characters, and then also work in some diversity as well. It’s interesting, though, with a fictional, fantastical world, that they proceeded to ground all of the characters and their power in science. So that’s what I decided to talk about for this movie, the characters. The changed the setting, and the plot, but the characters survived in a fascinating way. So spoilers and explanation ahead for Big Hero 6 by one of my favorites, Chris Claremont!

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