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Happy 30 years of Star Trek The Next Generation!

There’s been lots of stuff going around lately with the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation airing, but then I watched the Honest Trailer and that took the cake:

Funny personal piece, of the three episodes they joke that they want you to forget, 2 of them are some of my favorites. One is the odd Doctor Crusher episode…


Honestly, Wonder Woman.

What are we excited to do this weekend? Find some time to watch Wonder Woman! We picked it up on release day Tuesday, but then noticed it’s 2 and a half hours and harder to fit in on a week night.

The excitement just of having it and wanting to watch it again was only enhanced by the arrival of the Honest Trailer for Wonder Woman

It’s rare for them to be too positive on a movie, parody and poking holes is their thing. But really? Not much bad to say here. And what is bad is, as they say, flaws that enhance the movie rather than detract. It’s a good movie among its peers.

Are you planning to watch Wonder Woman this weekend too?


200 Honest Trailers! Logan! Guest Reviewer!

Holly got to watch this one first and recommended it, and wow was I not disappointed!

Nice one to hit number 200 with, that’s for sure. Tough one to make fun of, however, and as they say: should probably actually see some Oscars nods for this film.

What have been your favorite Honest Trailers?

Now that Rogue One is out… Rogue One parodies are out!

Oh man, some of these are a little too true… I guffawed at the end, especially. Great Force Awakens clip…

And of course there was the How It Should Have Ended, which as usual found many of the plot points where the movie could have just ended right there. What up, noobs?

We haven’t gotten our hands on the movie yet, but we’re excited to watch it a second time. This is one that in years past I probably would have seen more than once in theaters. It was good, and the parodies aren’t detracting from that for me. But they are making me question a bit… is it quite as good as I remember? Maybe I should go back and listen to our podcast on it to jog my memory!

Oh, Kingdom Hearts II.8.

One of the games that we saw that was coming out for PS4 only that made us a little sad about our X-Box One was Kingdom Hearts II.8. After experiencing how much fuller the story was by playing the other games included on the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 disc (still need to play more of 2.5 I’m realizing…), it just seems like it could be a good one to pick up.

Then we watched this video.

Yeah, they really are basically just stalling until they finally get Kingdom Hearts 3 out… Any year now, guys… We’ve talked before about how we’re really excited for that game, and this HD remaster is just another thing they would love to sell us because of that excitement. Hearing that the new bits are only about 2 hours was especially saddening, but hey, we didn’t buy this game, so not our loss I guess…

How about you, any thoughts on this title? Have you played it? Do you just shake your head and sigh at the combination of Roman numeral and Arabic decimal? Let me know in the comments below!