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Doing some magnetizing!

So I totally had this one planned, and then apparently my phone failed to take/save the first picture… oh well. Suffice to say, I was trying to do something new in my hobby work with my Trollbloods!

Here’s the Bomber model that my friend Chad helped put together. It comes in a three-pack of models, with 3 different heads, 3 sets of hands, and 3 forearms even so you can choose which two to go with. Oh, and 2 backs, with three different sets of things to sit on the back. The missing picture would be all sorts of various pieces laid out ready to start assembling!

Of those pieces, the back seemed right out – too tight a fit to be putting on and taking off again regularly. Really, all that needs to be different to represent the three different models it could be are the hands, and the back attachments somewhat. For instance, we can tell this is a Bomber because of the two powder kegs in his hands – easy! On his back is a pygmy troll (Pyg) with a torch, to light them up… on another model (the Blitzer), it’s a machine gun with a Pyg gunner on the back.

Chad had said the magnetizing on this one was pretty easy for the hands, because there was enough spare space in the joints to put the magnets in without having to drill them in to fit. Well, that seemed easy enough, so it was time to give it a try.

It turned out pretty well! We went with a fixed head (glued on) for the first one, so I chose a different head for this second. I also changed the positioning of the arms. Meanwhile, the magnets in the arm sockets did indeed turn out easy enough!

I was worried about how I was going to keep all the polarity going the correct direction, but that turned out to not be a problem. The tiny rare earth magnets used are strong, but the epoxy that I used to hold them in place turns out to be stronger – so I could have the magnets attached (and thus pointed the right way), then use epoxy to attach the pieces to the model, then I could actually separate the magnets. Easier than I could have hoped.

From this point, it’s a work in progress. I got a custom base for the new one to stand on as well, so that’ll be nice. And then it’s time for chucking a lot of explosive barrels.

Bonus picture!

I got started building something of the Circle Orboros models that we picked up for Holly to paint and potentially play a bit of. She likes the idea of the ancient powerful sentient tree, Wurmwood, who also happens to be crazy good to play. Anyway, I got the tree built!

Yeah yeah yeah, pretty easy. It’s past time to get some painting going, but it’ll be nice for Holly to maybe have some to paint too – and it’s been nice to do a bit of hobby work to get me back into the swing of things.

Building the Mountain King

Alright, after a couple of rough days, I’m getting things back together. In the mean time, there was something I was working on…

I got a Mountain King! I spent months agonizing about which of the now three Trollbloods Gargantuans to buy. They are really good rules-wise in the current edition, and are a solid anchor to an army (they come in at about a third or more of an army’s cost, so they better be!). Beyond that, they are aesthetically cool – there’s the Mountain King, with the little Troll Whelps hanging off and the dangingling chains; the Glacier King¬†with all his icicles; and the new Sea King:

From a painting and gameplay standpoint, any of them would be cool, and more than one is a whole lot of money, building, and painting! So I wanted to pick one. In the end, it was rules and army value that had me go with the Mountain King.

I was pleasantly surprised to find, when I opened it up, that it had a whole lot of large pieces:

They weren’t all a perfect fit (the mountainous back, in particular), and there was quite a bit of mold flash to cut off, but those were big pieces easy to deal with for the most part. With these few pieces, the vast majority of the model is done, and looks ready to be on the table kicking butt!

Fortunately, my skills with green stuff – the affectionate name for epoxy putty – have greatly increased, and the model should hold together really well. Unfortunately, that’s not the whole model.

What I have left is a TON of chains that will dangle off all over the body. Even with epoxy, I imagine many of these will be fragile contact points and will break off over time from use or bumping. I am not sure what I want to do about that – for instance, only adding some of the chains, or having a much larger portion in contact with the Mountain King. But for now, I’m ready to get him on the table and play some games!

New Journeyman League Starting Today!

I know I know this is normally webcomic day, but my mind has turned back to Warmachine and Hordes for the moment. The reason why? We’re starting a Journeyman League today! That’s a slow-grow league where you start with a starter box and add a little bit over time to get started. There’s bonuses around both painting and games played, and a new award for sportsmanship. The goal is fun!

We did two of these in the old edition of the rules, but haven’t done one yet in the new edition. I get to play the new Trollbloods starter box so that’ll be a changeup for me. Most of our local players are actually using the opportunity to get going with a new faction, but I’m using this more as an excuse to get more painting done now that I’m off to a good start with that!

The last model I painted was the Runebearer, who has a lot going on with runestones and such, a common motif for the Trolls.

There are two major areas I haven’t done yet. One is adding some sort of color and glow to the runes on all those runestones. I’m trying to figure out what color I want that to be, and then I need to figure out a technique! That’s certainly something that could be good to figure out and then hit a lot models at once with that.

The other is the tartan area. If I’m honest with myself, I’m not a good enough painter to do a tartan plaid. I’ve seen pictures of peoples’ Trollbloods where these areas are a single, eye-catching color (reds look particularly good), and I’ve been thinking about that. There’s one model on the horizon that has me thinking about one color in particular…

That’s the 3-D model of the Sea King, coming out later this year. The pirate lover in me really likes the idea of a giant Troll with a pirate ship on his head and a ship anchor as a weapon. With all that seaweed and stuff running down, a brighter green color for the tartan area could be an interesting unifying color, and would then match with the Sea King one day. I may try that out!

Because I’m liking how the Runebearer turned out, I am thinking that next I would like to paint the Runeshapers, who are the more combat-oriented mages. More runestones!

They’re more armored, but really most of that is just more runestones. I think the simple browns I was using will look good with the earth-magic theme for these guys. I also love playing them, so it’ll be great to have them painted!

If I’m doing them, it seems to me that the next thing to paint is then the leader of the Runeshapers, Janissa Stonetide!

Janissa is one of the excellent combat ladies in Warmachine and Hordes (there’s actually a number of these in Trollbloods, one of the things I like!). I may have stolen the rock effect piece from a Runeshaper… I think she looks great with it, something I had seen others do online. Unfortunately, when drybrushing her with white I had too much water and paint on the brush, and it ended up less drybrush and more just painting. So it’ll be really nice to get her painted just so that the model looks cleaner.

I happened to see an excellent looking Janissa on eBay. I didn’t buy it, and I don’t know who to credit with this… but it has me inspired on painting her. It made me go to the model and look, and lo and behold, there is a faint line along the bottom of her robe that you can easily paint another color. The gold with the red pops really well and I might do something similar, maybe with a bronze.¬†

Anyway, that’s where I want to get started with painting my Trollbloods for this Journeyman League! I hear rumors that the Troll starter box is awful against the other boxes (but they’re great models to own and use otherwise), so I have no aspirations of winning. Just painting and having a good time! I’ll share some pictures as I go along!

Painting update!

Yesterday I discussed how I had decided that my creative energies at the moment were going towards painting. And those creative energies lasted past one night! As did a lot of my painting setup! Which helps. A lot of what I hear on podcasts and such from people who actually do a decent amount of painting is that they – shock! – have a painting table. It would help, but with the Geek Baby now toddlering along, space for things she can’t touch is at a premium!

First, in between working on another model, I did get some more work done on the Trolls from yesterday:

They’re looking good together, which means things are working so far with the painting!

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Painting Again!

I know today ought to be a webcomic, but as I said before, I’ve been funneling most of my creative energy into that… and I needed to use some of that this week.

It’s Platypus Con this weekend, and that means we’re doing a Warmachine/Hordes tournament! I work best with deadlines, which means that I do the majority of my painting with an event like this coming up. Where I’ll be publicly playing the game, where people can be walking by to see. And because they do look better on the table painted…

The first challenge for me was just figuring out what I wanted to be playing in the tournament, what I wanted to bring along. I don’t have the time to paint particularly much, and I wanted for the painting I did do to be for models that were going to be at the Con. We only just decided last week officially what point level of armies we were playing, so I had to actually scale down because we’re going smaller skirmishes (so we can definitely get a full tournament in!). I’ve hopefully optimized a couple of armies, or at least, I committed to them and boxed them up so it feels final in my mind!

With primed models – something I was also furiously working on last week – my next step is to drybrush some white on, to draw out some of the details on the model and to begin the work of doing some highlighting on the model. Or at least that’s the theory. There’s definitely some detail that pops with this method, so by having (almost) all the models at least to this stage… that’ll help.

And at lower points, the decision was pistoleros. The Trollkin Highwaymen! Pew pew!

Because the one model I had previously painted was one of the basic Trolls from the starter box (picture below), I decided that the next ones to get some paint ought to be his companion light Trolls, and from there, I hope to get some paint going on the Warlock from the starter box, so that I would have a totally painted Trolls starter box/demo army. Maybe I’ll join Chad in doing some demo games!

Some of what takes a lot of work in the early parts of working on an army is figuring out what you’re looking at, and what you’re going to do with it. Is an area skin? Leather? Metal? Some other material (I considered going for more of a stone look to the axe, for instance). These two models share legs and torso, so those decisions will carry over from one to the other. However, with their different weapons and poses, you get some very different angles on the details. And I’m not sure what I want to do with the back there, with a region that – with the Scottish inspiration of the Trollbloods army – could be a kilt pattern, or at least a brightly colored accent.

Anyway, I got some initial work done on those two, which gives me a decent run towards completion on the starter set!

Here’s that first guy again… from not quite a year ago. I’ve added more to him as well, even while looking back at him to see how I was approaching things. I found that he actually seems to have different legs and torso from the other two, so it wasn’t quite as helpful to look at him – although it still helps with looking at materials, and deciding what they are.

The other thing I like on this model is the marking I’ve done on the base, for marking what the front of the model is (for sight lines). I might do that on all the models I’m bringing, since that’s a useful and important game element, and because it’ll add some color to what might otherwise be a kind of dull looking primed collection…

I’ll hopefully have more to share in the coming days, but for now, thanks for taking a look!