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Happy International Women’s Day… Have More Deadpool?

Happy International Women’s Day! In past years, we might have shared a post like this one: A Little Something for International Women’s Day, March 8th. However, Deadpool has given a whole new meaning to the day, it seems… one everyone seemed to be thinking about today, if my Facebook feed was any indication.

Of course, one of my favorite takeaways from Deadpool was this:

Deadpool Surprised poster

That’s basically my favorite emoji, and if they replaced it with Deadpool that would be perfectly fine with me…

But the big Deadpool news today is, of course, that the How it Should Have Ended for Deadpool came out today… After the jump!

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Musings on Avengers: Age of Ultron

Now that Avengers: Age of Ultron is out on disc, a lot of the YouTube review shows can turn to them and show clips. There are a couple of them on Couch Tomato – and they got me thinking.

The first Avengers movie kind of stands on its own. When it came out, there hadn’t really been a movie like it. It was the combination and culmination of so many other movies, while also standing alone. It was unique, and well done, and it made the money to prove it. Audiences took to it.

So I’ve had the question posed to me: which Avengers movie do I like better? And I think the answer on the one hand feels like the original. It did something new and amazing. On the other hand, the dark middle of a trilogy tends to be so good, and Age of Ultron hits those sorts of points. It’s a hard decision and a hard comparison.

But that brings us back to Couch Tomato – because those are the comparisons they made. One video on how Age of Ultron is not the same movie as Avengers, so comparing those two. Because you have to, it’s a sequel. And a second video comparing Age of Ultron to the very classic of dark second movies in a trilogy: The Empire Strikes Back. So I’ll have both these videos for you after the jump!

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Bad Blood, Interpretations

With the release of Taylor Swift’s most recent album she also released a ton of new music videos. One of the more interesting productions was the release of Bad Blood, which tries to pit Taylor as an action heroine, which really does not work. So of course following something that is really popular you will often get parodies or commentaries on said videos. Following are two videos that David and I found that we decided we needed to share. Continue reading

Have we mentioned Honest Trailers?

We love us some movies, and we love us some movie commentary. Blogs like We Minored in Film, or YouTube channels like How It Should Have Ended or CinemaSins. Well, somewhere in there we found another: Honest Trailers, by Screen Junkies.

Their most recent is Mad Max: Fury Road, which was pretty spectacular. Basically agreeing with me: if you’re going to make an action movie, make one like Fury Road!

A couple more recent ones we liked below the fold!

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Movies We’re Sad We’re Missing in Theaters: Jurassic World

When we were talking about things we were excited for this year, we were reminded of Jurassic World, coming out today in the US. The original Jurassic Park is one of the first movies I remember being genuinely excited about seeing in theaters, so I am sad I will not be getting to do so this time!

We have not watched Parks and Rec, so last year was our introduction to Chris Pratt, but The Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy were both utterly amazing. We are excited to see what he can do as the lead in this movie. Plus, training Raptors.

There’s a Lego Jurassic World, as well, including all four movies! Going to have to play that.

If you see the movie, try not to make us feel too sad in the comments that we’re not seeing it in theaters… but tell us what you think!