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What’s Streaming July 2016

As we expand, it’s time for a few changes. I’ll no longer just be highlighting the goodies coming to Netflix for the month, but will also cover what’s coming to Amazon Instant Video and HBO Go/Now. As they all compete we’re beginning to see a lot of interesting changes, including entire franchises throwing their weight behind one streaming service (like what will happen with Marvel and Disney later this year on Netflix).

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Catching Up on our Big List of Things

After we ended the A to Z Challenge in early May I did a post about how we had so many things to talk about, so many games to play, so many movies to see and shows to watch.

Now we’re in summer, and while the blockbusters have hit (especially a lot of the LitFlix), the shows have ended (even Game of Thrones!), and we have time to breathe. We also have some of the time-sinks in our personal lives past us. So where are we at? What are we up to?¬†

I thought I would highlight some of our thoughts on topics moving forward, and some of the things we’ve crossed off that ambitious list of topics. Onward!

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PSA – Longmire

Longmire season 2 started last night, and we don’t have A&E anymore. As part of our attempt to focus in on the things we love, and to save some money at the same time, we have dropped cable, instead watching shows on Hulu, buying seasons on iTunes, and watching more of what people are putting out there on YouTube channels (like we talk about here).

So Longmire is another show we were thinking about buying a season pass for, because it was a lot of fun last season. And it’s got Katee Sackhoff in it being a badass, so that’s good, right?

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