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Update on Warmachine – Journeyman League time!

Syntherion Battle Box - Borderlands Style

Tonight was the start of our first event with our Warmachine (and Hordes) community – the start of our Journeyman League! I’m finding what I expected, that the early weeks are going to be painful for me…

It’s designed for learning and growing a new army or starting into the game, and we have both of those going on. We have seven people signed up! So two new armies, four new players (three brand new)… and me.

With the Geek Baby, starting a new army just was not in the cards for me. Between buying – money! – and constructing a new army, I didn’t think it was even plausible. Then there’s choosing a new army… I wasn’t doing too well at that either!

So you can get points in the League for playing games, with three for a win or two for a loss. So not a huge difference, and it’s designed to promote playing the game. There’s also points for painting, and that’s going to be a lot of my goal. Since I’m not playing a new army, it’s time to get some of my new stuff painted.

Some of my new stuff – birthday loot! – only just arrived today. Timing! I set them all up, proof-of-life style, with today’s paper. So I have some to build, and some to paint – plenty to keep me busy!

I will also say that I am really enjoying the Borderlands theme I am going with. My leader is the Handsome Jack looking guy – complete with a mask – so that’s fun as well. Then lots of Hyperion yellow…

I’ll try to keep most everything to Instagram on this, but it’s a big thing going on with me right now so thought I would share! I’m particularly excited – and daunted – to build the big guy, the Prime Axiom. I’m planning on playing him in the later weeks of the League, once we get to high enough points. That way I am learning something new – a Colossal like that has its own set of rules! It’s basically a gigantic gun platform. With tow cables on the shoulders.

Yep, I’m looking forward to the later weeks… Just have to grin and bear it now!

I could answer questions if you have any in the comments, or share more pictures, including the inspiration pictures from Borderlands!


Showing Off: Warmachine Painting!

Alright, so I haven’t done a ton of the painting yet, but I wanted to get a bit of paint onto everything before the Platypus Con starts tonight! A lot of the work was really from my friend airbrushing most everything yellow. That’s right, yellow.

There’s a good reason for that – and not just that he luckily had yellow airbrush paint sitting around unused. I have figured out a theme for my army – Hyperion. Hyperion from Borderlands, and especially from Borderlands 2 and from the PreSequel. And lines like Handsome Jack saying “just slap some Hyperion Yellow on it.” So I did that.

So allow me to show off some of what I have painted so far! This is my Convergence of Cyriss Warmachine army, Hyperion style.

Just slap some Hyperion yellow on it!

Just slap some Hyperion yellow on it!

Note: I do not have all the credits for the images I have been working from for painting inspiration, but everything is originally from Borderlands games, copyright as due.

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First Impressions: Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

David and I of course got the new Borderlands game as soon as it came out or more specifically as soon it was actually available in our town. During the week we do not get much gaming time in, but this weekend we went to town on Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. We are still fairly early in the game, but so far I am really enjoying it. It has a lot of similar elements as the other Borderlands games, but it has a different enough twist on it to keep things interesting. As we are on Pandora’s moon instead of on Pandora they were able to add a few different elements to make the locations interesting and some times frustrating. The moon means less oxygen and less gravity, which plays in to many parts of the game. The other part that I have really enjoyed is how they have chosen to tell the story. It definitely feels that they recognize that most players have played the previous games, which is nice and creates a sense of familiarity.

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel may not bee too much different than the other Borderlands games, but it has enough elements to make the experience feel new and not repetitive. Continue reading

When the Villain thinks they are the Hero – A Character Study

Spirits of Venom Heroes?

Apparently Google found this on http://comicbookrealm.com/report/comic-event/62/midnight-sons-spirits-of-venom On this cover, who is the hero and who is the villain?

Many villains are forgettable. Some just want money, or power, or control. Some had a hard knock life and are just taking it out on the world. Some men even just want to watch the world burn.

But some villains are very memorable, and a little harder to cope with. Because some villains think they are the hero.

I explore three such villains here: one who does not necessarily think he is the hero but wants to be seen as such, by basically being his own villain; one who is the total and complete foil of the hero, and thinks fully that he is the hero; and one who spends the entire story stating again and again that he is the hero of the piece, and that you are the attacking villains. Read along as I explore Syndrome, Venom, and Handsome Jack.

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