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My Top Ten Video Games

This content originally appeared on my old blog at dbcii.com. There I have done some blogging about my master’s degree, and about blogging in general – and a bit about video games! Sorry to reuse content, but today did not work out to write the post I had intended. Expect more in the days and weeks to come!


Gamers often get into debates about which video games are their favorites, or which are the best, or influenced them most, or that you’re crazy if you don’t like. Well, I thought I would put out something of my list. To help justify my opinions, I have created a category for each, and for some even have runners up, that my top choice beats out.

Like I said, I was just at the Art of Video Games exhibit, so I know full well I am leaving out a lot of types of games. I plan to rectify this with some links to other top lists of games – so you don’t have to take my word for it! Let me know what you think.

Without further ado, and in no particular order… my top ten video games.

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Dearth of Local Co-Op in Games


David and I love to play games, together, all kinds of games, board, tabletop, video, etc. Now obviously with tabletop and board games you just have to find ones that are built for at least two players, we even have some that can be played as one player. Games specifically designed for two people is even better because it is built around the dynamic of either competition or working together (usually competition).

The problem with a lot of video games lately is that even if they do have a true co-op mode they often do not allow for local co-op. Now I will admit that maybe this boils down to the types of games we like to play, but at the same time if there is an online co-op mode, why can’t there be some form of local co-op? Continue reading