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What’s Streaming, December 2016

December seems like it will be both a big month for movies and also not. There’s a lot of content coming, but there’s a lot of content leaving streaming for the end of the year as well, especially over at HBO. Amazon will be adding quite a few older westerns to their lineup, as well as adding some original content. Netflix gets to see one of the first examples of its new agreement with Disney by releasing one of Marvel’s newest releases.

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Review: Hail, Caesar!

This weekend for my Valentine’s Day present, P took me to The Big City to get out of our small town and see a movie I’ve been wanting to, but couldn’t here: Hail, Caesar!


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I love the Coen brothers. I haven’t seen their whole body of work, but I’m slowly working on it. Seriously, if I showed you my list of movies and TV shows that I need to watch, you’d ask me if I’m also planning on finding a cure for mortality so I can find the time to watch them all. In the same vein as Burn After Reading and their other quirky, spoofy comedies, Hail, Caesar! is a slow comedy with some amazing acting by a large ensemble cast.

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