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Happy New Year! Comparative Geeks thoughts for 2016


Happy New Year! We don’t really have big news like last year, but the New Year is a good time to look back and reflect, to look forward and plan. Definitely plenty of that going on here.


What the latter half of 2015 showed us was that, even with the Geek Baby, we want to and can keep blogging. I would like to think we’ve kept at least some of our quality and consistency. Hopefully that will just improve with time, but at its most basic – we can do it.

More importantly, what the first half of 2015 showed us was that we have a strong community around us and supporting us. We ran the blog for 6 weeks on guest posts by a variety of people and on a variety of topics. Opinion pieces, old stuff, new stuff, large-level reviews… just a bunch of really great stuff. This post has links to all of it, and I highly recommend checking it out. We’ve had some additional contributions from folks later in the year – and have even added a full-time weekly contributor, Julia, the newest comparative geek!

There were some things that didn’t work this year, sure. For one, we didn’t create a great communication system for all our contributors and guest posters – so it’s hard to tap them on a continual basis. For another, some of our series have just kind of fallen. I still owe everyone a Geek 501 page that I’ve promised – it’s about halfway done. And our LitFlix have really fallen to the wayside – more on our thoughts on this to come in the next few weeks. And overall, I had a lot more thoughts of what I could accomplish this year than what I really did.


So looking ahead, I’m excited for what we can do this year. We’re coming up on three years of Comparative Geeks – it’s hard to believe! Thank you to everyone who’s been here with us through this. We feel we’re at the point that it’s time to consider moving forward, moving onward – growing.

We’re going to take our time with it, but our hope is that by about July, we’ll be running a self-hosted blog. The archives here likely would not come along for the ride, so this blog would stay here and live on, but without necessarily updates.

As to a self-hosted site, and the things that go with it, we have a lot of thoughts. One would be the webcomic I’ve been saying I want to do. I had some good starts before I completely fell off the wagon… And the fact that I’m not hating what I am creating is the most important thing. I might like my writing, but my drawing? Coming to terms with that has been huge. There are other things we’re considering too, that should be fun.

However, the number one thing that we want to see in a grown and improved blog is you – so let us know in the comments what would be good ways to have folks follow along to a new blog, or better yet what would work for you. And the thing we’re going to want too is contributors – to take what we accomplished early this year, drawing all those bloggers together, and channel that as a long-term thing. To magnify what we’re all doing by doing together, in one space, that can be a one-stop for people to check it out. So spend some time thinking about that, and feel free to comment on that as well!

From our family to yours, a Happy New Year indeed!


Two and a Half Years of Comparative Geeks!

Merlin Relaxing

At this point I’ve made a tradition of celebrating the milestone every six months of Comparative Geeks! With the Geek Baby we’re now counting much shorter increments in time, like age in weeks, or hours between feedings (or hours we get to sleep!) so six more months suddenly feels like a really long time!

As part of this most recent six months, we had six weeks of guest posts, along with the Friday posts I wrote in advance. That was a lot of great content from some really great bloggers, so if you missed that, I collected them all here. We are still incredibly grateful for that, because without it, I would not be sitting here now saying that we’ve had a successful, continuing blog here on Comparative Geeks!

Seeing how much success we had, and how our life has changed for sure, we are continuing to operate with additional bloggers – now contributors in their own rights, and not just guest writers! And with that, there are now more Comparative Geeks!

Which means some of the basic conceit of the site – it being the two of us, a married couple able to talk through our post ideas on a daily basis – is just not the same anymore. There are more opinions. More fandoms. More experience to bring to the table. And that’s great!

It does mean that some high-level changes need to happen – like the First Time Here and About the Authors pages need an overhaul. There’s already an authors scroll in the sidebar on those pages – recent posts by all of the different Geeks!

I’m still slowly plugging away on a Geek 501 page, as well. In the mean time, I’ve also added a link to our whirlwind board game recommendations – our annual 12 Days of TableTop Day post. And the LitFlix… well, we’re working on it. It’s been hard to make it to movies this year, which makes us sad. It’s the number one getaway thing we have done without the Geek Baby – but we haven’t pulled off both going to see a movie together yet.

At some point we really need to recruit a babysitter!

I think we’re on a roll now, and I forsee we’ve definitely got the next six months in us. I fully expect that in January we’ll be talking about three years of Comparative Geeks! Where it goes from there? Time will tell. Like I said, I’m hoping I get a few more hours of sleep tonight… we’ll see about months of blogging!

Thank you for reading and commenting and liking this blog. It really means a lot to us. We started out with low goals, and have stayed small and consistent on purpose. Hopefully you like what we have going on. If there’s something you especially like, let us know in the comments. If there’s something you really don’t, let us know in the comments or a private message on Twitter or something if you prefer! Help us make this a blog you want to read and keep reading.

Shadow Relaxing

Encore – Our Contributors/Avengers World

Alright, so I’m leaning pretty heavily on my Avengers analogy I talked about the other day. But I had to call the post something, right?

I want to collect together all the wonderful contributions we’ve had in the last 6 weeks. By topic! If there’s some you missed and that sound interesting, please give them a read. And if you’re not following them, please check out our contributors at their home blogs – and expect to see many of them again soon!

From Infinity #5

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We Have To Get Bigger

We put out the call, the call for bloggers – and you assembled wonderfully. And when it was time, we engaged the machine, we woke the world – and guest posts have been running ever since. I’ve been using an Avengers analogy throughout, from Jonathan Hickman’s recent run which I’ve enjoyed so much. It goes kind of like this.

Previously in Avengers

Maybe we’re talking about blogging instead of the end of the world, but otherwise the analogy has held strong. In fact, it’s pretty amazing.

So as you can see above, Captain America and Iron Man built a literal “Avengers Machine,” a roster-keeper and planning device. In the analogy, that makes it the blog – Comparative Geeks itself. Now, you can find me on this blog actually excited for the idea of the machine coming back after the Infinity event – they led issues with an image of the machine and which Avengers would be showing up. Instead, this happened the next issue.

The Machine Served Its Purpose

Much like for us – the machine served its purpose. It got us through the arrival of the Geek Baby, and many weeks of missed sleep and learning how to parent. Anyway, I guess I just equated that to an intergalactic war – works for me. Steve goes on with some minutiae in the comic, but Tony stops him…

Undergoing Constant Change

That’s where we’re at with Comparative Geeks. We may not be able to blog as constantly and consistently as we’ve been used to – we just don’t know. But that doesn’t mean that the blog shouldn’t keep going strong.

We’ve had some fantastic guest posts, and many bloggers who have now written quite a few posts. You can find all of them now on the sidebar on our Authors page. And they have more ideas, more desire to write. And we have more need for writing.

So will we keep having posts here? Yes we will! Monday through Friday, post-a-day. Will they all be by Holly and I? No they will not. Does that make the other posts guest posts? Nope. At this point, I think that makes them contributors. And it means now, interactions with these bloggers is kind of like this:

Interested in writing for Comparative Geeks? I know we had a number of offers before, thoughts on series, folks who were busy in the short term but maybe not the long term. Start the conversation in the comments below!

Wake The World


Wake the World

A few months back, we put out a call for guest blog posts. Our blog has a strong following, a lot of friends. We didn’t want to go dark all of a sudden, even if our need to do so was great. We figured, if you were willing to help keep us alive, we would be here.

And respond you did! So now, thanks to the Geek Baby, Holly and I are out of commission. But Comparative Geeks will keep on schedule, posting four solid posts a week, Monday through Thursday, and one more fun post on Fridays. The Friday posts were developed in advance, so hopefully you like them and they have stayed relevant.

For all new followers and friends from the A to Z Challenge, welcome! I have just detailed our normal schedule, and you should see that steady as we move forward.

For everyone, please welcome and engage with all these great guest bloggers and guest blog posts! Check out their blogs and give them a follow too, it’s good stuff.

And Guest Bloggers, thank you. This is for you.

We were Avengers.

We were Avengers.