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No One Likes the Watchers

You know the old saying – who watches the Watchers? Well maybe the answer is no one. Because who actually likes the Watchers?

I got to thinking about this when Holly started replaying Dragon Age: Origins recently. I started really noticing some notices between a few different Watcher organizations: the Dragon Age Grey Wardens, the Game of Thrones Night’s Watch, and the Dragonriders of the Pern series.

So let me draw some parallels between the three, and consider how the society around them have forgotten and ignored their purpose – and instead end up resentful. And then, for comparison, one other Watcher group – the Gunslingers from the Dark Tower series. I’ll try to keep spoilers limited. Onward!

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A is for Alistair

ADavid and I both loved the first Dragon Age game and one of our favorite characters is Alistair. He has a pretty serious past, which contrasts greatly with his smartass actions and comments. Alistair is with you for the entire game, which in so many ways is fabulous because he is hilarious. The conversations between him and any of the other characters is simply a joy. The conversations that you can have with him are just full of the most sarcastic smartass comments as possible. It makes for great comic relief during the game and creates some great conflict with some of the other characters. (Potential spoilers for Dragon Age after the jump)

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