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Once Upon a Time Spring Premiere

After a short hiatus for their winter break, Once Upon a Time is back for the second half of season 5. (Some spoilers ahead.)


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Hercules – Was the Movie really based on the Comic?

We finally caught Hercules, the second movie this year about the Greek demi-god, starring Dwayne Johnson as Hercules. This movie was supposed to be based on the comic Hercules: The Thracian Wars by Steve Moore, so I read that too, after seeing the movie. Definitely an interesting comparison.

So this is my LitFlix for Hercules, only a few months late. As a quick review, I thought the movie was pretty good. It exists in the genre of movies trying to put the real spin on legends, so similar to a movie like King Arthur. They play with the idea of Hercules not actually being a demi-god, but that he and his group of companions lean into the living legends of him and use them to their advantage, both to strike fear in their enemies and to get jobs as mercenaries. And then action ensues, but there’s also interpersonal dynamics with Hercules and his team of heroes, and a better plot than just action-for-action’s-sake.

I will add that this is not the movie that the trailers promised, as it is not the movie about Hercules completing the 12 trials. It’s not a monster movie, it’s not Hercules versus monsters nor Hercules versus armies. Pushing these scenes in the advertising likely hurt them in theaters, as people probably showed up expecting to see a very different movie! So some spoilers ahead, but hopefully spoilers that might actually make you interested to see this movie.

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Bonus Litflix

So since Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Sea of Monsters has not come to our local theatre yet, meaning I am unable to do the LitFlix on that movie, I am going to do a bonus LitFlix about the first movie / book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I was honestly amazed that they made a sequel to the first movie, so I am not too surprised that it has not come to my local theatre yet. I had not read the first book when the first movie came out and after watching the first movie I was not particularly interested. I have to say after this whole exercise I am really excited I read the books.

The first Percy Jackson movie was not bad, but it was not really that good and at points it was really cheesy. Some of it is that they tried to jam a lot of content into a short amount of time and did not take into account what was really important from the book. So I really enjoyed reading the books. I started out with the goal of just reading the first two and ended up finishing the entire series. The story was exciting and actually explained why the Greek Gods and mythology were centered in America. The movie was oddly similar and yet extremely different from the book. Some of the differences were particularly important for any continuation with the story. Continue reading