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More Thoughts on Tropes vs Video Games

We have talked a bit about Tropes vs. Women in Video Games. Holly talked about the original video, with a post about Damsels in Distress, and I felt the need to chime in too. Well, now all three Damsels in Distress videos are out, so there’s room for more commentary! Holly discussed the need to balance out enjoyment and criticism the other day. And I had some other thoughts to add too.

So I want to talk about three areas. One, there is a world of difference between criticism and creation, and I think Anita finally addresses this by creating a new plot – something I did in a follow-up post previously too. Second, Anita is working in a new medium by presenting in YouTube, and this impacts what we get. And third, there is not only a space for, but a need for academic study of video games, if we want to defend them and say things like “video games don’t cause violence.”

I guess I feel like I have to lay out my point like I would academically to talk about something academic? In which case, we need a thesis: there should be less negative reaction to Anita Sarkeesian. And below I’ll explore why!

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Video Game Taboos

So recently I got through playing Alice Madness Returns. Sadly I did not get to play the original even though I remember seeing it on the shelves at the local store and wanting it, but that is a different issue. When I got to the end of the story and learned of the source of Alice’s madness and desire to retreat into Wonderland it went to a much darker place than I had really seen in video games. It got me thinking of whether there was any subject that was taboo for a video game to deal with.

We often see discussions against realistic violence in video games and how video games cause problems, and I am definitely not one of those. There are plenty of people who play all kinds of games and they do not end up being mass murderers or going on some weird killing spree. The type of violence in video games can be hotly debated, but for the most part it is something that is usually divided between those who play and those who don’t. Yet, are there other subjects or issues that are brought up in video games that would be looked on as more taboo. (Spoilers for Alice Madness Returns after the jump) (Content Warning: Sexual Violence) Continue reading