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First Impression, Gracepoint

The first episode of Gracepoint, the American re-make of the BBC Broadchurch, aired last week. Now one caveat with the look at Gracepoint, is that David and I watched and loved Broadchurch, so there was definitely a high standard that we were and are holding this show to. Unfortunately the show did not quite meet that standard. Some of the problem could revolve around the fact that we kind of already know what happens (even though there are claims that the ending could be different). It is difficult watching something when you know what is happening, but everything just feels slightly off. I think one of the problems though is that the characters were so good in the BBC version and the characters in the American version just fell a little flat for me. In the end the big thing is that there was nothing that grabbed my attention enough to make me want to really continue watching. (Spoilers for Gracepoint after the jump.) Continue reading

Which New Show Are You Looking Forward To?

Yay!!! It is almost here. The Fall 2014 TV season is about to begin and there are some potential greats in the mix. Now of course we have the return of some of our favorites; Arrow, Castle, Doctor Who, Sleepy Hollow, and more.  Then the return of some we hope can hold their momentum and not fizzle out again – I am talking to you Agents of SHIELD. The other part that is exciting is being able to see what new shows the networks have decided to throw at us. Now I know there is no way for all of these shows to survive (Almost Human), but it is still fun to see, hopefully, fresh ideas make it to the small screen.

I think overall we have gained more shows than we lost so we will see how they can hold up against the new show runners. Last year we dropped Bones and NCIS because they just could not hold our attention in comparison. We lost HIMYM and Believe, but overall I think that is going to be overpowered. As I did last year I will be doing a verdict post for each of the new shows that David and I are interested in.  What I want to know is what show are you most looking forward to with the new slate of shows? Vote in the poll and leave a comment!

As you can see Agent Carter is not listed as that is going to be a mid-season premier in January so technically is not a new FALL show.

Americanization of Foreign Media

David Tennant as Alec Hardy in Broadchurch from http://tennantnews.blogspot.com

David Tennant as Alec Hardy in Broadchurch from http://tennantnews.blogspot.com

Recently I found out that David Tennant will be in the American version of Broadchurch called Gracepoint apparently reprising the same character, although under a different name. Now when I originally heard they were going to do an American version of Broadchurch I was not particularly surprised. There seems to be a history of us thinking the story will work in America, but we do not just want to take the story as is and instead wanting to relate it more to the American experience, I guess. When I heard that David Tennant was reprising his role in the American version it just made the whole thing seem kind of pointless. Broadchurch was such a good show and so well done. The humanity of the story is understandable even if you are not British. They technically did show Broadchurch on BBC America already, but I wonder about other channels getting the rights to showing foreign shows. I do wonder if it is part of the fact that we feel need to “Americanize” the foreign media.

This show is not the first time that we have seen a foreign media changed to an American version of the same story. It is the fact that it is using the same actor that just seems to make it even more ridiculous. I love David Tennant as much as the next, but why do we have to make something new if the original still works. Continue reading