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Last Pass – a Review

I was noticing that one of our best posts is Holly’s review of glasses.com (which is indeed a fantastic service), and I was thinking that there are other specific services that we use that could be recommended. One that I think deserves some review is Last Pass.

Last Pass is like a number of products out there, I suppose, as a password-keeper service. Holly and I had heard about Last Pass a while ago, but the inertia to change your passwords is pretty extreme. I mean, do you even know how many passwords you work out of?

Then Heartbleed happened. Suddenly, it was necessary to change all of our passwords. It cut through the inertia, and it was time to check out Last Pass. Their name comes from the thought that it will be the last password you ever have to remember. How true has that turned out to be? Read on for my review of this service: Last Pass!

Last Pass

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