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Good Mythical Summer!

Busy days for us, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t still start with our favorite morning show, Good Mythical Morning. Rather than shut down operations for the summer while they worked on season 2 of their YouTube Red show, they have Monday and Wednesday shows with Rhett and Link, possibly/probably pre-recorded, and then Fridays they have had guest hosts.

The guest hosts have been a lot of fun, as they attempt to run a normal sort of Good Mythical Morning show – ending up doing all sorts of crazy things instead. This morning, it was the Vlog Brothers.

Rhett and Link have had guests on before so you kind of end up getting to see things like this normally, but it’s fun to actually see this happen without Rhett and Link there hosting. They’ve even been doing episodes of Good Mythical More! Hope you enjoy, I know we have been!

Doing New Things with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality isn’t a new idea by any means, and is a staple of science fiction and especially of cyberpunk. So maybe at least it’s an idea decades old… The thought seems to go towards just replicating life, and maybe doing something you otherwise couldn’t. It moves into deeper science fiction when people start living their lives vicariously through their virtual reality selves.

But now that we’re starting to really have some virtual reality available – and the fascinating idea of the simple setups that just hold up your smart phone for the picture – I think that the true idea generating and innovation has begun.

At least, that’s the feeling I had watching Good Mythical Morning this morning, as Rhett and Link used virtual reality to confront Link’s fears and see about them not being as bad as his mind thinks. It gets sillier when Link then uses it to basically go all horror-movie on Rhett… and then gets cute when they use it to interact with Rhett’s dog. But rather than just tell you, here’s the video:

The confronting the fears element, in particular, feels like a really interesting and potentially amazing use of the technology. Well, the second bit seems like it will be the plot of a horror movie before too long. And the last bit is probably just something that’s going to happen.

But this also reminded me of some stories we’ve been hearing about virtual being used – and effective – in physical therapy (like in this story: http://www.inc.com/aj-agrawal/how-virtual-reality-will-change-physical-therapy-forever.html). And that’s cool. It’s also interesting in comparison to the science fiction: in the stories, we move towards virtual reality and our physical bodies get worse. But this is a case of using the virtual reality to make our bodies better.

What else do you think we’ll be able to do with virtual reality here soon? Let me know in the comments below!

What Is A Hobby?

What is a Hobby? This is a question I’ve been toying with a lot lately, and as you can see in the video above, it came up for Rhett and Link as well.

There’s a really obvious way that the question “what is a hobby?” comes up for me, and that’s with my Warmachine and Hordes tabletop wargaming. In wargaming in general, there’s the game aspect of actually playing… and there’s the so-called “hobby” aspect of the building, painting, and basing of the models. I mean, there’s other aspects I suppose, like the worldbuilding lore (“fluff”) that you can read, or the list-building strategizing that is one of my favorite parts, there’s competitive versus casual approaches, there’s podcasts and YouTube videos and…

There’s a lot. But a big, big piece is the Hobby aspect. And sure, the whole thing – the whole game – could be called a hobby. Heck, gaming in general is, I’m sure, considered a hobby by some. But even if we just consider the painting as the Hobby… I am not doing much of it. I listen to podcasts, I dojo new army lists, I enjoy playing and get to most weeks. But I have models I’ve bought that I haven’t even built yet, and I’ve still just painted the one troll.

When I’ve been thinking about it, I think there’s a few things. The painting is an artistic outlet – and right now, I have one of those. I have my webcomic. So I’m putting time, thought, and effort into that, but there’s also the element where I’m doing that for me. You could maybe consider it a hobby. Painting for me, I think, would feel more like work. The building the models is worthwhile work (so I can play with them!) but the painting…

Thinking of the webcomic as possibly a hobby, that widens the question to this website as a whole, doesn’t it? Is this a hobby? We’ve kept at it day-in and day-out for over three-and-a-half years now. And with more contributors, with the hope of moving towards advertising, of growing and expanding… a lot more of what I’m doing with it is work now, too. Scheduling posts. Organizing the week. Editing together podcasts. I partially need the webcomic just to make sure I keep having fun with this!

And it is fun, we enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong! That’s why we do it, and how we’ve kept doing it. Is that what’s needed for something to be a hobby? There’s work, and there’s enjoyment? I don’t know that I accept that as a definition either.

I mean, what’s the definition if we Google it?

an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure

Oh. Well maybe all of this is a hobby. Maybe none of it. Is it about my own definition? About others’? Because it means something very different for me to say “this is my hobby” than for you to say “oh, that thing you do, it’s just a hobby.”

So now, I open it up to you – what do you think of as a hobby? And what transcends that definition? And have you ever had trouble with that distinction? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

The Mandela Effect

So on Good Mythical Morning today they talked about a thing that they called the Mandela Effect. The reason for the name is basically a group of people got together and all realized that they thought that Mandela had died in prison, but also knew that he was President for a time. Now that is an example of not remember history events correctly, but this same sort of thing happens with movies and many cultural artifacts, especially when it comes to remembering lines. Now a lot of the references on the show were movie lines, but here are a few more that David and I thought of. Continue reading

Holly’s Best of 2015

Obviously this is continuing in the grand tradition of end of year best of overviews. David did his yesterday and pointed out correctly that this year has not been quite as productive as last year. Although this year has also been a big year because the arrival of Geek Baby made this an exciting and interesting year. When we did have time this year we were able to consume a few things and so with that in mind here are my “Best of 2015”. Continue reading