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Comparative Opinions: Statute of Limitations – Episode 20

Welcome to the Comparative Opinions podcast! Hosts Holly and David spoil the world talking about the Statute of Limitations for spoilers! I think the main recent spoilers we discuss are from 2014 or older. If there are things you’re worried about being spoiled about, be warned! Otherwise, it’s a discussion of how long is right before you start talking spoilers for different media.

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Music is by Scott Gratton: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Scott_Gratton/Intros_and_Outros

Gone Girl, a LitFlix

David and I finally found the opportunity to watch the movie Gone Girl. I read the novel back in October and loved it. The story keeps you guessing the entire time and I at times was not sure what was really happening and really did not see where the story was truly going until the end. I was not sure if they were going to pull off that same sense of suspense in the movie. Also, since I had read the book I do not know if I would have the same reaction to the movie. Luckily, David had not read the book so I could use his reaction to help judge the emotional progress of the book. From what I can tell they definitely pulled off telling the same story, which was not an easy feat. The book goes back and forth between perspectives and that can sometimes not done well in a movie, but the transitions were smooth and done beautifully. There were still a lot of things that were taken out for time purposes obviously, but all the same twists and turns were still there. The movie did an amazing job with pulling off the book and really getting the emotion of the story. (Spoilers for Gone Girl after the jump.) Continue reading

Litflix 2014

Last year was big for movies based on books. We had Warm Bodies, Beautiful Creatures, Mortal Instruments, Catching Fire, The Hobbit, and more. It has been a fun journey seeing how studios have chosen to interpret the books in to the movies and see where they hit or missed the mark. So now it is a new year and there are new Litflix coming out. So here is the list of all the books turned movies that I am going to be examining over the next year.

There is definitely something to be said for reading the book before seeing the movie. I will admit it might taint the experience a little bit, but I still find the practice fascinating. Sometimes when you are too familiar with the story you can be distracted from the story being told. At the same time if the book is good then it can be difficult to watch a movie that seems to totally veer away from the story that was told. So we will see what this new batch of Litflix brings and feel free to join in. (This is not a complete list, but there are only so many books I can read and movies that I can watch in a year.) Continue reading